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_kraven_ in electrifyin__

Dwayne icons


Don't forget to credit _kraven_ if you take anything and don't hotlink please!


These are beautiful..I've snagged them all and will credit you when I use them.
Wow, thank you! :D
So hot... O_o
GREAT! =D Finally someone making Dwayne icons again ;) Looking good!
There's never enough of Dwayne icons! ;)
saved ALL OF THEM! *hugs you and spins you around*

haha i need to get a paid acct again cuz out of all my icons lj left me with NONE are dwayne *sobs*
Aww, glad you like them! *hugs*

Yeah, that's a problem. And I still have 6 icons :D Sometimes I can't fill them all xD