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danger, danger!

high voltage!!

it's electric
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

Rules For Applicants

&; You have TWO days to post an application. After that, yer outta here
&; Accepted members are BETTER than you and are therefore allowed to say whatever the fuck they want to you. D-E-A-L.
&; If you get a few nos, don't delete your post. Don't be a pussy. If you delete, you're not allowed to reapply in a week
&; Put "do the electric slide" in your subject line
&; Until you're STAMPED, you aren't allowed to comment on anyone's entry but your own
&; Don't skip questions or alter the application
&; Don't be an asshole

Rules For Members

&; Stay active or you'll be removed
&; Promote your ass off
&; Be honest, but racial/religious/gender/etc discrimination will not be tolerated
&; If you're promoting another community, you're allowed to do it once a week, and put all IMAGES behind an LJ-cut

Status (provide pics);
Favorite bands?
Favorite books?
Favorite movies?
Favorite brand?
Favorite store?
Least favorite bands?
genre of music?
Like having fun? What do you do?
Describe yourself in one word;
What's your favorite snack food?
What do you think about the US president?
How's your father?
If you were dying and could only call one person, who would it be and why?
MYSPACE? Link it:
Promote to two places and link it:
What's your favorite article of clothing?
What is your future career?
Best magazine to read?
Alcohol/drugs? Any opinions? Ever tried them?
Best way to spend a Saturday night, in your opinion;
Are you a virgin?
Religion? Opinions?
Favorite color(s)?
Slash/Fanfiction: Like or hate?
Describe your first kiss:
Got a crush? Describe them:
Ever been out of your country?
Where's your favorite place to go?
PICS: 4-10 where we can SEE YOUR FACE
and a 100x100 for the userinfo, s'il vous plait

12 girls band, 40's, 80's, a clockwork orange, absolutely fabulous, amsterdam, andy warhol, armor for sleep, art, at the drive in, audrey hepburn, autumn, bill engvall, black and white photography, blur, bob dylan, breaking pangaea, clannad, coheed and cambria, coldplay, computers, counting crows, cruel intentions, cursive, david bowie, death cab for cutie, dela, depeche mode, design, dire straits, donnie darko, duran duran, edgar allan poe, europe, fab five, fall clothes, friday i'm in love, further seems forever, garden state, gatsby's american dream, guster, hal sparks, hats, hemingway, hey mercedes, hot rod circuit, hot water music, html, indie, interpol, iron & wine, jeff foxworthy, johnny clegg, joseph arthur, just william, karan casey, keane, ken jennings, landscapes, larry david, les miserables, lewis carroll, loreena mckennitt, lyrics, marcy playground, marilyn monroe, matchbook romance, mogwai, moneen, motion city soundtrack, music, northstar, painting, peacoats, pearls, pentax, phil collins, photography, photoshop, piebald, pink nail polish, placebo, poetry, rating, reading, robert smith, roos, rufio, saves the day, scarves, senses fail, shoes, skirts, something corporate, south park, stand-up comedy, stephen king, stephen lynch, stupid boys, surveys, taking back sunday, tears for fears, the cure, the dandy warhols, the early november, the gammage cup, the get up kids, the glass lake, the highwayman, the juliana theory, the june spirit, the killers, the lovecats, the mars volta, the new amsterdams, the promise ring, the rapture, the smiths, the vines, the weakerthans, thursday, tim burton, to kill a mockingbird, travis, vendetta red, vintage, woody allen, you, zach braff