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Name; Bre
Age; sixteen
Birthdate; december 20, 1988
Location; muskegon, michigan
Sign; Saggitarius
Status (provide pics); hmm. single.
Favorite bands?
boxcar racer, brand new, frou frou, motion city soundtrack, mae, the jealous sound
Favorite books? go ask alice, nothing feels good, the bell jar, define normal
Favorite movies? donnie darko, garden state, the butterfly effect, mean girls
Favorite brand? erm, tilt.
Favorite store? pacsun.
Least favorite bands?
good charlotte, simple plan, coheed and cambria
books? i dunno. i don't usually get into any books. i'm really picky about what i read.
movies? i'm not a big movie watcher either. but 50 first dates is the one that sticks out. and napoleon dynamite, after seeing it abajillion times.
store? hollister
genre of music? country. eww.
Like having fun? What do you do?
of course i like having fun. =) in a boring sort of way. i like hanging out with my friends, maybe staying the night at thier house talking or watching movies all night. concerts are fun too.
Describe yourself in one word; omgsoawesome.
What's your favorite snack food?
cheese... yummm.
What do you think about the US president? ehhh, dumbass.
How's your father? he's dead, thanks.
If you were dying and could only call one person, who would it be and why?
probably christie because she's my best friend and she's pretty much the only person i talk to on the phone. the phone is bad.
MYSPACE? Link it: (i guess myspace has user names now?)
Promote to two places and link it:
*my journal (plus userinfo):
What's your favorite article of clothing? these jeans that i have that have about a million holes in them. i don't think i'll ever be able to get rid of them.
What is your future career? i don't really know. i really like taking pictures though, so hopefully photography.
Best magazine to read? i like YM.
Alcohol/drugs? Any opinions? Ever tried them? yea, i've done drugs, and i don't really see the point in them. sure they're fun for a few minutes, but its not worth possibly ruining your life over.
Best way to spend a Saturday night, in your opinion; either at a concert, or sitting at home with my dog listening to music on full blast.
Are you a virgin? yes ma'am.
Religion? Opinions? i'm catholic, but i don't like it at all. so now i go to a christian church, which is way good enough for me. different religions are pretty stupid. if there's only one Christ, why are there so many different groups?
Favorite color(s)? (it makes all the other colors look pretty when you put them together.)
Slash/Fanfiction: Like or hate? eww. hate.
Describe your first kiss:
it was on my couch with a boy i didn't even like much. ahh, skank.
Got a crush? Describe them: nope, unfortuneately i don't.
Ever been out of your country? nah, but i might go to the philippines this summer (thats where my dad is from.)
Where's your favorite place to go? SCHOOL! just kidding. i like riding my bike to the beach. which is what i might do when i'm done with this.
PICS: 4-10 where we can SEE YOUR FACE
and a 100x100 for the userinfo, s'il vous plait

100x100 (or close to it)


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