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Well Danae put this in the other community so why not..

name; Holly.
age; 14.
location; Michigan.
gender; Female.
status; Single. ;0)

ten of your favorite musicians/musical groups; Gosh, this is Hard. Umm..Daphne Loves Derby, Hellogoodbye, Novice,  Saves The Day, The Spills Canvas, TBS, MCS, Thursday, Senses Fail, Emery
five of your favorite movies; Donnie Darko, Pulp Fiction, Footloose, The Breakfast Club, and Fight Club
six of your favorite books; Idk..

three of your favorite authors; stephen king, grr.. I really cannot think.

three of your favorite tv shows; Umm..Well I dont watch much of that, But..One Tree Hill, Everwood, and...Uhh...Channel 4. JK. Idk.
favorite food; Cheesey potatoes. Yummy.
got any hobbies? Sports..
favorite season; I'd have to say umm..Winter. Just cause I love sledding, and making snowmen and stuff. Ohh and IceSkating.

abortion? AGAINST. By far. You were given life, so why take that away from your child. I honestly just dont understand that.
the war in iraq? I really dont know much about it. Im not really into all of that politics and stuff..
censorship in the media? Im for it, I really dont want to be flipping through the channels and seeing naked people.
drugs & drug laws? Im against drugs, there are much cooler ways to die, and drug laws, I really think they need to be enforced more.
emo? I think that its stupid, only when the persons like, Omgsh my life sucks, I want to die. I hate everyone. Feel bad for me please. But I guess otherwise, its their choice, live how you want, dont let people judge you.
indie? I have no idea what that means.
fanfiction? Umm..I dont know what this means either. SORRY.
hot topic? I dont have a problem with it, They have some really cool band shirts their.
ADD & ritalin? Whats wrong with being ADD, thats how God made you. And Ritalin, my friend takes it, and she doesnt seem to mind, so I shouldnt care.
george w. bush? I personally dont have a problem with him.

tell us about yourself; Umm..Im 14, I play soccer, I love my friend and my music. I would be lost without those two things.
what do you like most about your town? least? Most, Well almost all my friends live here. And Least, its just sorta boring. I wanna leave when I get older.
how'd you come up with your username? Umm...Actually I dont know, its been to long. Hmm..?? Prolly down that day or something?
myspace? link it if yes: Yes.. http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=7563362&Mytoken=20050208141318
 it says im 16, but im not, it was like the minimum age thingy.
anything else? Umm..Idk, Just ask me if you want to know anything.

Promote us in one community/journal that is not your own & post the link here. http://www.livejournal.com/users/_cutupangels3/2681.html?view=60025#t60025

Post 3-6 photographs of yourself.. ones in which we can actually SEE your face.

 Sorry its not rotated.

 Thats the same day as the one before. :0)

Well yah. Hope you enjoyed that.


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