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effin_haute_'s Journal

Effin' Haute!
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All Members , Moderated
Everything must be Friends Only!!

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You MUST read the rules before applying!

Rules for New Applicants!
1. Absolutely No Promoting of any Communities! Any promotions will be deleted and you will possibly be banned!
2. We prefer that your atleast FOURTEEN years old but if your younger and feel the need to join then you can try your luck. Chances are we will still say no! Sorry.
3. Don't get an attitude with the MOD or any of the members. No means No... deal with it!
4. Do not post any entries or comment on anyones application (other than yours) until you are accepted.
5. After 48-hours votes will be counted for new applicants.
6. Even if everyone hasn't voted, if there are enough no's/yes's that it wouldn't matter anyway, you will be accepted/rejected based on those votes.
7. If your are rejected you may wait a week and apply again.
8. After being rejected twice, just leave! End of story.
9. If applying please put "That's Haute" in the LJ-cut.
11. Once you are accepted, Vote & Promote!
12. At least 3 pictures in Application. (No nudity!!)
13. Application must be Friends Only or it's getting deleted!

Rules for Members!
1. Be active! Even if you don't post a lot, at least Vote & Promote!
2. Try to be nice. Yes, it's a rating community but don't be too harsh! We don't want to make anyone cry.
3. Pictures are fun! Got any new pictures? Post 'em! (still no nudity!)
4. Try to promote at least once a week.
5. Don't vote for people b/c they are your best friend. This community is called effin haute for a reason, vote for people based on looks & personality.
6. If your going out of town or won't be active for awhile please let us know.
7. The themes and such are to keep the community active, so please participate!
8. Everything you post most be Friends Only no exceptions!

Theme of the Month!
The theme for the month of June & July is: Crazy Make-up.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Post pictures of you wearing crazy make-up! Wether it was recent or from Haloween a couple years ago, just be sure to post it. (Put all pictures behind an Lj-cut and make sure the LJ-cut says "Theme//Crazy Make-up" or something to that effect)
At the end of July a winner will be chosen & i will give you your choice of prizes. Now start posting those damn pictures!!!

Examples: Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Okay, a scavenger hunt is very simple to do.

We'll provide you with a list of ten items every month. You have to go around your house or wherever you choose and find at least five of the items and take a picture of the item with you (so we know that you really took the picture), then for the rest of the items you can go on the internet and find pictures of. Then after the dead line (the end of July) we will vote on whos findings are the most creative and you will get a prize. So here's the list....

1. Purple nail polish
2. Green towel
3. Stuffed animal
4. a bag of M & M's
5. Pink lipstick
6. Vanilla candle
7. a bike
8. a Blue glass
9. long earrings
10. a CD from the 90's

(Copy & Paste the codes. DO NOT use rich text!! And make sure you put all of your answers after the k thanks! I did this to make it easier for you, not to make it harder. So follow the rules and everything will be fine! :D

Promotional Banners!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Please go to haute_members for our Promotional Banners! :D

_candyxokisses_ (picture coming soon!)

I'm posting the application really soon!!

Theme MOD!
hotpink___ (picture coming soon!)

Accepted Members!
Aimee - quietchild101
Sarah - cali__babii
Taylor - blondii___
Steph - steph51490
Katie - prettyinpink789
Meghan - brunette__babii
Torii - mydesiresfire_2
Michelle - babii_elle
Sylvia - browneyedgrl101
Andrew - mccarth_09 *Guy Member*
Annemarie - blondedancer_24
Danielle - sweetxothang
Allie - beautifulx_lies
Kristen - flirtychic1977
Kayli - lil_polka_dots
Rebecca - jadore_x_dior
MC - risenangel437
Lexie - lexeroo929
Allie - _beachbum123_
Val - the_3_slits
Liz - crucifide_sqirl
Bianca - i_live_2_sleep
Danielle - fishy808
Michelle - hotpink___
Elle - pinkglitter22
Kallie - _ticklemepink__
Julie - oforeveryourso
Hema - fullofunfetti
Caitlyn - _imperfecti0nx
Marissa - _nothardtodream
Candace - mzcandi
Kayla - yelloxduckies

Rejected Members!
Emily - lovesmi1e
Zandra - cutwithan_e
Amanda - frtztr
Georgina - imoxsmokin
Lizz - xfallen_dreamx
Victoria - deep_within0913
Nicole - beachbabe31244
Annie - greenyellowred
Marrea - marzz_x3

Banned Members!
Amanda - frtztr
Georgina - imoxsmokin