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 name: BRYTNEE FAE (myspace)
            age: Twenty & 1
            location: New York, down the rabbit hole
            sexuality: Yes
            tatoos/piercings: Two in each ear

            movies: SPIDER BABY, Lolita, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Miyazake's Spirited Away & Princess Mononoke, Jean Pierre Juenet's City of Lost Children and Amelie, Pan's Labyrinth, Marie Antionette... I like old horror, obscure dreamy creepy film.
            bands: The Smashing Pumpkins, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive, Bjork, my boyfriends band 
            tv shows: I like old sitcoms like I Love Lucy and The Munsters. British comedy Absolutely Fabulous. and I LOVE Invader Zim!
            books: Lewis Carroll, Neil Gaiman, Francesca Lia Block, art and photography books, weird childrens literature, Anton Levay, Nabokov's Lolita, Anne Rampling's Belinda...

        & lastly...
            what makes you dollish? A handful of people have told me I look like
Blythe which is a huge compliment since I am a Blythe addict... my round head with big orb eyes and my small body, my sweet/sour-mysterious personality make me a living doll. I'm shy and quiet. I dress like a 6 year old. I spend way too much money on dolls, toys, dresses, and makeup. I love Blythe, San-xbabyart, kiddie-sh beads, cupcakes and candy, japanese street fashion, baby the stars shine bright, angelic pretty, delias, kittens, monkeys, bunnies... 

i hope to make friends here 

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apres moi, le deluge.

Hi, fellow dollish girls! :D I'm new here, so I figure I'd introduce myself in hopes of making new friends (in a variety of places: here on livejournal, myspace, deviantART, anywhere!).

A bit about me --

name: kayla
age: nineteen and a half!
location: oakland, california
sexuality: what my best friend would call a "breeder." haha.
tattoos/piercings: two piercings (ears & belly button, used to have my nose and lip done) and four tattoos (a star on my left ankle, an infinity symbol on my right wrist, a heart wrapped in a question mark by my left hip bone, and my latest pride and joy, the ugly organ on my back!

movies: anything obscure and dreamy, or drastically driven by intense characterization. i do a lot of writing and my strong suit is developing intense characters (or so i'm told), so I enjoy anything that has really beautiful and complex characters/relationships. i love french new wave cinema, silent films, b-horror, the more "indie" stuff. my favorite film of all time is Jesus' Son, based on a short story collection by denis johnson. if you're familiar, i'll love you forever. and yeah, i love the occasional feel-good movies and cheesy romantic comedies. i'm such a girl.
bands: again, all over the place! anything from dreamy shoegaze (cocteau twins, the radio dept., the autumns, robin guthrie, the darling buds, and so on) to wonderfully happy indie-pop (tilly and the wall [!!!], i'm from barcelona, the boy least likely to) to alt-country (neko case, the court and spark) and everywhere in between. have a soft spot for the 80s as well - the smiths, the cure, joy division, and fun synth-pop stuff in the vein of new order and electronic. oh, and i've also founded my own religion: cave-ism. dedicated to the glory of he who is nick cave (along with his bad seeds!).
tv shows: i'll admit it, i'm a grey's anatomy junkie. mcdreamy 4 life. and heroes, god damnit, primetime romantic drama gets me every time. i love jeopardy and the daily show/colbert report hour, as well!
books: oiiii, so, so much! i love poetry, dark existentialist stuff, philosophy, and miss francesca lia block [she gets a category all her own!]. i am never, ever without a book and notebook. i'm an avid reader and writer!

& lastly...
what makes you dollish? i guess it has a lot to do with my look and mannerisms. i'm hideously petite [ex-ballerina] and painfully shy, but i delight in fun, pretty, happy things. i love (and make) dangly earrings, flowy skirts, cute shoes and hats. i always make my eyes stand out because they're huge and blue, and pink/red lips are awesome. i tend to squeal and cower and blink blankly a lot. i dance and i sing and i act and i write and i love and love and love, and ... well, that's me in a nutshell, i suppose!

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Comments and new friends are always welcome!!
orianna studios


Don't miss Florida's hottest fashion show of the year!
My collection this year centers around adorable lolita type dollie dresses with fun colors... and a surprise performance at the end!
(If you aren't in Florida for the show- be sure to check out the pictures on my website after the show! OriannaStudios.com)

August 5th @ 8pm
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Dunedin, FL 34698
(directions: www.dfac.org )

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 This is my first post here. I thought some of you may be interested in this (Disclaimer: If you are not interested please do not look at it and don't feel the need to flame me - mods: please remove this if neccessary).

I am an artist [ http://www.emmatooth.co.uk ] and I am now offering signed prints of some of my most popular oil paintings including one by popular demand of Dolls. More info here: http://artists-in-residence.com/emma/news.html I hope you enjoy it!

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Sadly I have to sell a few of the wonderful dresses my lovely friend Nanette made for me... boo-hoo.
They are up for auction on ebay.
Click below to go to my auction page.