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Fic: Streetlights

 Title: Streetlights
Author: Kokura
Rating: Teen
Warnings: light slash, hints of incest, May-December relationships, This Odd Life Universe (AU)
Pairings: In chronological order: hints of LuciusxDraco, (if you squint) SeverusxDraco, HarryxDraco, and Voldemort/Tom RiddlexDraco
Summary: The streetlights are always the same.
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Énigmes: Nox, chapter one

Author: Kokura
Rating: Eventually NC-17
Pairing: Tom/Lord VoldemortxDraco
Summary: Modeled on and extended from a wonderful, wonderful ficcy by Ginzai on FanFiction.Net. The story of Tom Riddle and his puzzlings over life, death, leadership of the world, and that irritatingly fascinating Malfoy boy. VERY MUCH NC-17. Lemons, limes, possible BDSM, dubious consent, powerplays, backstabbing, and all that jazz. Original oneshot (with small differences) used as prologue with permission of the author.

( Énigmes: Nox )

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Dransy fanfiction: Scarf

Title: Scarf
Author: angellorexx
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Rating: G
Summary: Pansy loves the winter; the long and heavy robes, the woolen gloves. Pansy loves scarves.
Warning if applicable: None.
Genre: General.
Author's Notes: This is the English version of “Cachecol”, one of my Portuguese dransy fics. Thanks to roannaweenie for the help with the translation. :)

(Pansy loves Drac--- I mean, scarves.)
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