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Dead Like Me, Doctor Who, LAWKI, Stargate Atlantis,The Office, Veronica Mars

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01-14 Dead Like Me
15-38 Doctor Who
39-41 Life As We Know It
42-56 Stargate: Atlantis
57-00 The Office
58-93 Veronica Mars (spoilers up to the most recent episode)

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01-02: thelackoflight Veronica/Casey (Couldn't decide which one)
03-00: waveband Garden State
04-00: upperclassheart Wicked
05-06: troublesrollby The Office
07-00: handlet The Office
08-00: thatmarsgirl Cassidy Casablancas
09-10: remember_nomore Amber Benson (Couldn't decide which one)
11-00: piracy Queer As Folk
12-00: stereofonic Alexis Bledel
13-00: outpour Garden State
14-15: ohdramatize Peyton/Jake
16-00: mypaperhearto2 Rent
17-00: lizzymaxia Roswell
18-00: killprettyx Brian/Justin
19-20: kajungirl81 Dead Like Me (Couldn't decide which one)
21-00: intheroom Tegan & Sara
22-00: emicrea Rory/Jess
23-00: brannaleigh Zooey Deschanel
24-00: poetrytoprose Chronicles of Narnia
25-00: sheld0n Chris Evans