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Veronica Mars (the character) Mood Theme 4.0

Once again I've redone my Veronica Mars moodtheme. I redid all images plus added new images from all 3 seasons.

132 moods | 78x37 | PNG

1) Please credit me.
2) Comment if you're taking.
3) Please don't hotlink!


1) First download the zip file. Once it's completed, unzip and upload the pictures to your own server (try Photobucket if you don't have one).

2) Go to LiveJournal's Admin Console and enter in

moodtheme_create "Veronica Mars Mood Theme" "Veronica Mars Mood Theme"

Click "execute". After clicking "execute" the console will give you a number. Copy this down.

3) Go back to the folder and open the txt file. Use the "replace" option and replace"IDnumber" with the number the Admin Console gave you earlier. Also replace the "" url with the url of the folder where you uploaded the images.

4) Now paste all of that into the admin console and click execute.

5) Now go to the modify journal page and in the drop down menu find your mood theme.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. :)

All images are from VM Caps.
Tags: moodtheme, tv: veronica mars

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