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degrassitng_'s Journal

Degrassi: It Goes There (kind of)
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Make sure to read the rules, FAQ, and memories before asking a question or trying to post.

Important outside links:
  • Degrassi.tv
  • The-N.com

    For other info, check out the community memories. Here are some great posts.

  • Detailed Character Bios
  • Couples Summaries
  • Family photoalbums
  • Detailed Actor Bios
  • Episode Lists and Summaries
  • Colorbars
  • Mood Themes
  • Graphics
  • Icons
  • Making and Taking Requests
  • Important Upcoming Dates
  • Classic Degrassi High
  • Poll of the Week
  • Important Links!!

    Questions? Comments? Concerns? Suggestions?
    Maintainer: super_obsessed

    Other mods you can bother:
  • Degrassitng_

    Degrassi: The Next Generation airs every Monday night in Canada on CTV at 8:30 pm, and Friday nights in the US on the digital cable/satellite network The N at 8 pm.

    Next new episode in Canada: 2/27: Our Lips Are Sealed 2
    Next new episode in the US: UNKNOWN

    1. Always read the FAQ and checks the memories before posting or asking a question.

    2. No posts about downloading episodes. Absolutely none. Any info you need to know can be found in the yahoo! group

    3. All points must remain related to Degrassi (the classics or the Next Generation). No off-topic posts. Furthermore, no posts that say "hi, I just joined." Please make sure it has a specific point related to the show.

    4. Advertising communities are okay as long as they are related to Degrassi. However, you MAY NOT advertise RP communities.

    5. Any spoilers of episodes that haven't aired, or haven't aired in the US yet, MUST go behind an lj-cut with the appropriate warning.

    6. All long posts must also go behind an lj-cut.

    An lj-cut is as follows:

    7. You may post icons, screencaps, and other graphics, but DO NOT ask how to make icons, graphics, etc. This is NOT the appropriate place for that.

    8. No petitions.

    9. Always give credit for icons and other graphics. If you are caught stealing icons, you will be banned and reported to LJ abuse.

    10. Be kind to other members, including your mods who work very hard for this community.

    *I reserve the right to delete any of your posts or comments. If you have any questions, my
    contact info can be found to the left.

    You will be issued a warning for each offense. Two warnings means you're banned.


    To link us with a button, go here to find a huge variety of buttons to choose from. Right click on the button you'd like to use, and save. Then upload to your own server. Finally, copy and paste this code:

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