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This is sad to say, but I think we've reached the end of the road. The mods have discussed it, and I think the best thing to do is to restart this community. I believe a fresh start is necessary for people who have taken their characters as far as their ability would let them.

SO, all storylines are restarting and all characters are becoming available again. Anyone is welcome to apply again for a character, just keep in mind that we will be looking at your history in this RP and that will play a major factor into your acceptance.

You guys are all great, but this has been needing to happen for a couple weeks now.

As I said before, please feel free to reapply. And the characters who have just recently joined us, feel free to use your application entry again if it fits where we are. We are starting at the end of 512 "Lexicon of Love." (this is so that Craig doesn't have to leave) If you haven't seen the episodes, or have any questions or suggestions, I am open to either.

Applications still go on the post underneath the student records.
I Guess I'm Okay?

Applications Go Here!!!

Alright guys. Welcome to the new degrassirpg_!

Please fill out the new application, located on this entry, and have your first entry up.

Before filling out the application, PLEASE READ THE RULES! They can be found in the user info. Uhm-- I don't know what else to say!

Enjoy RPing!

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Remember, to post the application as a comment. If you're accepted you will be invited to the community. In that case, check your invites

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