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Degrassi Role Playing Community

_Degrassi Roleplay_
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Degrassi Role Play

1. You must fill out the application below.
2. You need to have an aim screename for your charactor or you can use your own.
3. Update once a week. If you don't update within a month, you will be deleted.
4. Try to go along with what is happening in the American episodes. We are not going by the Ctv ones.
5. Stay true to your charactor. Do not make them do things they normally wouldn't do.Ex: Don't make someone have a child,die,switch schools, date someone they normally wouldn't.
6. When I ask if you've read the rules, say "Whatever it takes" so I know you have read these rules.
7. You must apply before you join the community.
8. Have an example entry for your charactor before applying.
8. Have fun, comment, chat, and promote! :)


-Charactor name:
-Aim screename:
-Why would you like to be this charactor?
-What would you like to happen to this charactor in the future?
-Tell me something about this charactor's past?
-Any past rping experience?(It is okay if there is none.)
-Have you read the rules?

(Charactors in bold are taken.)

Grade 11
Ashley Kerwin
Jimmy Brooks
Spinner Mason
Paige Michalchuck
Marco Del Rossi
Craig Manning
Hazel Aden
Jay Hogart
Ellie Nash
Terri Mcgreggor
Alex -

Grade 10
Emma Nelson
Manny Santos
J.t Yorke
Liberty Vanzant
Sean Cameron
Toby Issacs
Chris Sharpe

Heather Sinclaire
Angela Jeremiah
Mr. Simpson
Spike Nelson
Joey Jeremiah
Kendra Mason
Caitlyn Ryan
Dylan Michalchuck