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Are hero's are we bells?

where we choose our goals of glory

Degrassi Community School
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Degrassi TNG

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1. You MUST update twice a week.We will be checking.
2. If you fail to update twice a week,you will be given a week's notice,if you still dont update after that week.You will be cut,and your
character will be open.
3. You must have a AIM screename,.We can make them for you,if you can't download AIM,dont bother joining. Because most of the RPG does take place on AIM. Try to be on for atleast 4 hours a week.
4. You MUST comment on everyone's journal 2+ times a week. if failure to do so,you will be warned,then most likely cut.
5. We're not following any episdoes whatsoever. But we will be using some of the Season 1,2,3
and up to TSS2 storylines. Nothing past TSS2.
6. When posting out of character use brackets. EX: ((OOC-This is how you should type OOC))
7. Once accepted, you MUST add everyone to your AIM and LJ accounts.
8. When you join,apply for the character,this isn't a first come first
serve basis. We want the best,and only the best. So i know you read the rules,when iI ask if you read the rules put "Im so fetch"

AIM Screen name (for your character):
Did you read the rules?:
Is your first entry up?:
who made your icon(if you didn't make it yourself):

8. Please have a user icon when you apply!! we will be checking if you're crediting!!

9. Have Fun!

10. Just because you're fighting with the person behind the character doesn't mean that your characters are. keep all ooc hissy fits out of this community!! How ever we want drama so feel free to bitch out characters!!

Alex: x_alex AIM: xfreeak

Ellie:  elliexnashx  AIM- el1ie xx nash 

Ashley: emobandaidheart  AIM- emoband aidheart</font>

J.T.: jt_yorke888  AIM- Possibly A Poet

Paige:  xv_paaige_vx  AIM- xvpaaigevx</b></a></b></a>

Emma: em_n_em AIM- x Sparkley Emma

Craig Manning:
Manny Santos:
Sean Cameron: *Currently being held*
Chris Sharpe:
Dylan Michalchuk:
Hazel Aden:
Jay Hogart:
Jimmy Brooke:
Liberty Van Zandt:
Marco Del Rossi:
Rick Murray:
Spinner Mason:
Terri McGreggor:
Caitlin Ryan:
Chester Bloom:
Danny Van Zandt:
Joey Jeremiah:
Kendra Mason:
Mr. Armstrong:
Mr. Oleander:
Mr. Raditch:
Mrs. Kwan:
Ms. Hatzilakos:
Nadia Jamir:
Archie "Snake" Simpson:
Spike Nelson-Simpson:
Toby Isaacs:


sister communities:

Have a problem?...
any problems that cannot be solved occ, feel free to email the mods to asist you
our emails:
Paige: justduckie311@aol.com
alex: Beach_memories@yahoo.com