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Hey all,

Here are some more questions for you awesome Degrassi fans to help me out with. Again, you can leave your responses here (picking & choosing which questions to answer, if you want) or email them to rachael.maddux @

If you want more info on my project, you can check out my Livejournal: going_there


Do you think your interest in Degrassi would be as great if there were no Degrassi-related websites, messageboards, etc., to visit?
What do you understand the word “fandom” to mean?

What do you think about episode spoilers?
Do you actively seek out episode spoilers online?
Where do you go for episode spoilers?
If you don’t actively look for them, will you read them if you happen to come across them in a post on a community, messageboard or website?
If you read spoilers, why?
If you don’t read spoilers, why?
How does this community regulate the posting of spoilers?

What do you think about Degrassi videos being taken off of YouTube by Viacom because of copyright infringement?
Did you have any videos removed? Did you know anyone who had videos removed? What was your reaction and/or theirs?
Do you think this will stop fans from posting Degrassi videos in the future?

What do you think about Degrassi fanfiction?
What are some of the most popular fanfiction websites or communities?
What are some of the most popular stories, and who are some of the most popular authors?
Besides those, what are some of your favorites?
What makes you want to read a particular fanfiction? What makes your favorites your favorites? The style in which it’s written, the characters used, the storyline?
Have you written any fanfiction yourself? If so, what inspires you?
Do you think fanfiction has a reputation for being “weird”?

big Degrassi survey

Hi everyone,

I am currently researching for my undergraduate thesis, which I'm writing on Degrassi's online fan community. It would be awesome if you could help me out by taking this survey! It's the first in a series of surveys that I am going to be posting all around the online world of Degrassi fans. You can go ahead and fill out the whole survey if you want to; just check out my journal.

You can reply in a comment here or email me your answers: rachael.maddux[at], replacing [at] with @.


About You

1. Name (real name, assumed name, screen name, etc. – your preference):
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Level of education:
5. Occupation:

About You… and Degrassi

1. How long have you watched Degrassi?
2. How did you first become familiar with Degrassi?
3. Have you watched any of the older Degrassi series (Degrassi Junior High, etc.)?
4. How frequently do you watch Degrassi?
5. How do you watch Degrassi -- television (specify channel), downloaded episodes, DVD, etc?
6. Do you watch Degrassi alone or with others? If with others, who do you usually watch it with?
7. Would you call yourself a “fan” of Degrassi? If so, how long have you considered yourself a “fan”?
8. Assuming you would call yourself a “fan,” do you consider yourself to be part of any larger “fan” group or community? Why or why not?

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i have any epsiode you want of Degrassi, or Degrassi Uncripted, so if you need any of them leave your s/n, with the episode(s) and i'll get back to you as soon as i can

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I'm leaving. I was away for a little while,then I come back and the whole community has hardly moved, and also, a bunch of things are messed up. There seems to be another Manny, yet, I don't see any warning post for me being cut, not even a post or a comment that says I was cut. That's kind of lame. Whatever. Good Bye.
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Character:Marco del Rossi
AIM Screen name (for your character):I can make it later today
Did you read the rules?:I'm so fetch
Is your first entry up?:yes
who made your icon(if you didn't make it yourself):gray__scale
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Character: Manny
Journal: manuellasantos7
AIM Screen name (for your character): sweetmanuella
Did you read the rules?: Im So Fetch
Is your first entry up?: Yep.

((OOC I have a question. I have an AIM screen name, but I don't know how to download the program, so I was wonder if I could use the website instead? It's just the same, but a little bit slower. If you don't want me to, I will try and download AIM. OOC))
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Hello? Is anyone alive out there? We need updates, comments, promoting, crediting, going online, all that good stuff. Lets pick up the pace! I know everyone is busy so please try to ATLEAST update, maybe come online for a little bit.

Final Warning!

Manny and Craig you have by friday to update or u will be cut