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Hey would anyone do me a big favor and let me Get Files from you if you have any episodes from the old Degrassi's: Degrassi High and Degrassi Junior High? anything would be appreciated because ive been looking everywhere for them

if you can please comment in this your screename

or if you know any websites that have it, because ive alreadt tried soulseek and stuff

thanks! :o)

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okay so i'm a member of like every degrassi community and everyone is saying they download the episodes ahead of time---where do you get them from? i want them so bad i'd take as many as i can get-if any of you upload them to sites or anything please tell me the link

if not

can you just tell me the program you use? or be nice enough to email it to me or im it to me on aim? if you comment ill contact you so you can give it to me if you want
but i dont expect anyone to do that--the name of the program would be nice
okay thanks!

Recent Degrassi Episode Downloads

Alright, a lot of you in all of the Degrassi communities have been asking about recent episodes and the notorious "Accidents Will Happen". Because I am so generous when I am not parked in front of the computer, I will share with you all the episodes I have. I am not going into detail about those episodes, but I will list the ones I downloaded in case you would like them.

-314: Accidents Will Happen - Part 1 (not shown on The-N)
-315: Accidents Will Happen - Part 2 (not shown on The-N)
-320: I Want Candy (2 weeks ago on The-N)
-321: Our House (This past weekend on The-N)
-322: Power of Love (This Friday, the season finale, on The-N)

They are all in Windows Media Player format, so most of you should be able to watch them.

So, anyone interested?

Well, here is what you do.Collapse )

One more thing. I will not be the link for everyone to get "Accidents Will Happen" from. Seriously, I am doing this for people who want the other episodes along with it, not for the people crying for AWH. Got it?

Enjoy. :)
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If anyone would like to play the role of Jimmy Brooks, Chris Sharpe, Terri MacGreggor, Jay Hogart, or any of the Degrassi adults besides Spike, you should consider joining our very successful RPG community, _degrassirpg. Be sure to read the rules first, and be aware that you must create a separate journal for your character with an icon and update at least once every ten days. We're pretty strict, but it's worth it! We just booted a bunch of people for not updating actually, that's why all these roles are open.
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If this is not welcomed, please delete it.

I made a new Degrassi challenge community called. degrassigfx

in it, there will be 2-5 icon challenges a week also larger graphic challenges. its just starting. so please join <3

just Wendy

joining the community!

hello! i have been watching degrassi for mad long and i love it.it's soo good and i am obsessed. Also, if any one knows where i can see the accidents will happen parts 1&2 episode online, i would greatly appreciate that. I read the script, but i need to see it and as you all know they are not showing it on american television. thanks! love the show.