Degrassi TNG caps: 1x01 and 1x02 "Mother and Child Reunion"

769 screencaps from Degrassi: TNG season 1 episodes 1 and 2

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Hello! I LOVE Degrassi! I am sure you guys do too! so I thought I would share with you guys my new favorite Degrassi merchandise. I went out to the book store today and bought the new book, Degrassi Generations: The Official 411 and it has the most amazing pictures. Does anyone else own it?
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A community for Aubrey Graham, who plays "Jimmy Brooks" on Degrassi; The Next Generation. Starting to become a very active community and you can get a chance at winning a paid account and you can participate in very fun upcoming events!
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degrassis_rpg is a newly renovated fan-owened roleplay, seeking active and mature roleplayers.

This particular roleplay uses the CTV episodes as a refrence, thus providing AWH occured & Going

Down the Road Part duex. There are only 4 characters taken and many popular roles are still available.

























-Heather Sinclaire





..and many more!

We're currently hoping for more males to come in. So far, we only have a Craig & 3 girls

(Manny, Paige & Emma) taken!