the Cyanide kids
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This is the community for the Cyanide girls. What is a Cyanide kid? A kid who's independent, smart, sexy, stylish, and an absolute rockstar [no musical instruments required.]

;think you have what it takes to be a Cyanide kid?
Then take a shot at filling this out:
Copy, paste, and COMPLETE the following behind an lj-cut into your entry [remove asterisks]:

<*lj-cut text="Cyanide material?">

[status- if taken, post a picture of your significant other]:

[ten favorite bands]:
[favorite movies]:
[favorite books]:
[favorite place]:
[favorite passtimes]:
[person and why]:

[gay rights?]:
[the President?]:

;lemme take a look at ya'
[post at least FOUR clear pictures of yourself.]

[promote us in at least three places, and show us the links.]

All done!<*/lj-cut>

Good luck, kids!
Lurve, the mods.

ABSOLUTELY NO BASHING OF THE MODS. This is a rating community, so accepted members can be as harsh on new applicants as they like. Us mods are pretty open-minded and not very easily offended; so, if you offend us, you've likely been deserving an ass-kicking long ago, and we will not hesitate to kick your sorry ass out of the community. If you don't make the required number of participation points per month [10], you will need to reapply.

Promoting makes the mods happy. Each promotion earns you [3] participation points. Winners of the monthly superlative get [5] participation points. For every picture you post you will get [1] participation point, and [2] if they are pictures of some random rad thing you made. [4] participation points for attending a show, posting at least two pictures, and telling us a little bit about it. Promoting new bands is pretty cool, and it'll earn you [1] participation point. At the end of the month, total member points will be calculated, and the person with the most points gets to be member of the month and gets the option to make any current members [excluding mods] reapply. Inactive members will have to reapply, and if you need to reapply more than [3] times then you will be booted. Tough break, kiddos.

And just to let us know you read the rules, when posting your application, make it friends only and make the subject "I'm a fucking rockstar." IF YOU DON'T DO THIS, NO MATTER HOW INCREDIBLY AWESOME YOU ARE WE WILL NOT ACCEPT YOU.


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[want to be an affiliate? ask.]