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I want you to know how i feel...

Let us help you <3
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This community is made specifically for Cutters.

This world lacks the awarness of how many people cut,and alot of people in this world don't understand how much it hurts when they look down at us. People don't understand how addicting it can be. Here in Cuttingart_ we understand,we don't make fun or discrimanate...We are here to help.

This community is nice,warm and welcoming BUT we do have rules like any other community

[1] This community is open to anyone...BUT we do have a form...all though it is optional if you fill it in or not...It would be helpful if you do.
[2] DO NOT join just to make fun of other members...you will quickly deleted... Members if this does happen e-mail me: lemonnlime@hotmail.com. I don't have aim sorry.
[3] Please be supportive to other members,make sure they know they aren't the only one...help them along with their pain
[4] If your posting LONG poems,story or pictures. Please use lj cut...don't know how click here . Do put in your lj cut title what it is to warn members...
[5] Any problems...please feel free to email me lemonnlime@hotmail.com.

If you do want to post a survey about yourself here it is:

Do you want to stop cutting:
How long have you been cutting:
Where do you cut:
Have you been to anyone for help (If Yes Who?):
What do you use to cut:
Note Or Greeting:

Thats all...

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