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This seems like a nice place...no jugment ether! [Thu]

Come join us! We don't bite!!!
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~Over 45 Members!
~Scavenger Hunts
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~Easy application
What do you have to lose? Come join the_sweetest_!


[ mood | determined ]

Okay......now that i got you in here. Can you Please Please Please go to : http://www.cbs.com/primetime/bigbrother6/_polls/amc_poll.shtml

And VOTE KAYSAR as many times as you can.....after you press KAYSAR and you have voted then you can go to the top and press "vote" and then "americas choice".....something like that. And vote again. Thank you SOOOOOOO much. And can you please get your friends and there friends to vote for Kaysar. THANX.


new [Tue]

[ mood | its hot outside! damn!! ]

Name: Sarah
Sex: Female
Age: 15
Location: north Texas
Do you want to stop cutting: No...I need it to survive..I know that sounds weird, but it helps
How long have you been cutting: 4 years
Where do you cut: arm, thigh
Have you been to anyone for help (If Yes Who?): no
What do you use to cut: Blades that I take out of pencil sharpeners,
Note Or Greeting: um, dont have a note or greeting yet. I guess it would just be..~*HELLO*~

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this place should be good for people here as well :) [Sat]

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hope your all doin' ok!

<3<3<3 Dani


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[x] 20+ members
[x] scavenger hunts
[x] themes
[x] contests
[x] friendly mods
[x] active!!
[x] short application

application [Fri]

[ mood | weird ]

Location:Michigan, United States
Do you want to stop cutting: yes, but i feel like i am addicted and i can't survive without it
How long have you been cutting: two summers ago
Where do you cut: wrists/arms
Have you been to anyone for help (If Yes Who?): my school shrink just had to get involved, and a shrink who specializes in "people like me"
What do you use to cut: scissors/knives
Note Or Greeting: hey.. i am trying out new communities to see if maybe i can gather some strength to stop myself from cuting. right now, i have been strong for about two days, and i really do feel like i NEED cutting to survive. my aim is xpinkxcutiexktx I am always here to help people and if anyone wants to talk to me, i will most likely be more than happy to. thanks. kaitie

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new member [Sun]

[ mood | cheerful ]


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[ mood | Depressed ]

*argh* on the last week of school you know what happened? Yeah I got called to the guidence office. I thought it was over but apparently a teacher saw some of my new cuts and told on me. Its not very much only a few shallow cuts on my wrist and arm but I guess she saw the carving I subconsiously did the week before. I carved"die" on my left elbow area. As soon as I got to the office Mr Crooks asked if I cut recently and since I knew what was coming I said"yeah, I few on my right arm and..." but he cut me off and told me to take off my arm band that was just below my right elbow and he looked pretty shocked. I got pretty upset and almost broke down right there in his office but somehow I managed to keep it together. Well, when I got back to class...everyone was looking at me. I was really angry becasue I knew what teacher it was who told and it just so happens that I was in her class at the time I got called down and sent back. When I got in the room I litterally threw my purse on my desk and walked over to the teachers desk to give my guidance note. I gave her the dirtiest glare ever.

I havent completely stopped but I am trying. I made a few deep cuts on my right thigh the other day but as soon as I got a good bti of blood... reality hit me and I stopped before I did even more damage.Im really curious... why is it that all my really deep cuts that actually bled dont seem to scar, but all the scratches from like over 2 months ago scar like bitches?





[ mood | bored ]

New layout...and all done! Hiya everyone hope your all okay.I'm fine. haven't cut in 4-5 days so im happy for that x Love ya all x

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