April 28th, 2007

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Hmmm thought I'd join a cutter's community for once and see how it goes.

Name: Yiwei
Sex: female
Age: 15 going on 16, innocent as a rose... pshhhht yeah right (continue song if you wish. you must admit, it is a good movie)
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Do you want to stop cutting: I don't know.
How long have you been cutting: Two years
Where do you cut: I have scars everywhere on my body, and where I cut depends on my mood. Most commonly abused are my wrists, arms, hips, ankles and chest.
Have you been to anyone for help (If Yes Who?): No.
What do you use to cut: Blades picked off razors, razorblades, x-acto knives.
Note Or Greeting: I love you/Je t'aime/Ich liebe die/Te quiero/Wo ai ni/etc, etc.
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