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Hey guys! Welcome to my NEW icon journal/community!! As you can tell, if you were re-directed here from souls_echo, I've closed it and opened up a community for my icons, simply because, like everyone else, I'm sick of having to switch between users. So, yay for easier access! That means icons will be posted more often. So, PLEASE feel free to monitor me so you can catch my fresh batches of icons.

This journal is public, and I will post my "proper crediting" entry with my first new batch of icons, which will be coming along in the next few days (along with a layout and fresh userinfo!). I'm also going to be taking requests! That's a first for me.

If you'd like to affiliate with my journal, please leave a comment in this post with your username.

Lastly, I must pimp my community, potter_elite. We are an elite HP icon community, and you must be accepted by at least one mod (either myself, teh_steph or barenakedally) to be given postin access. Consider it. Check out the userinfo and the other artists, and see what you think.
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