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stamped//long time no update.

so yeah i am barely even active in here anymore and i feel really bad! Sorry girls! And, most of you don't even know me so yeah: I'm Joy and I'm cool! haha jk. but yeahhh okay so check out my pics and comment if you'd like!

Some of my best friends came up from Boston this weekend and we had a lotta fun. i love those girls to death. katie, cristina, kristen, kerri, courtney, and lisa-that was the crew of the weekend.
we went to spec pond. fun time!

(lisa, kristen, n kerri)

courtney changing into her bathing suit.

my sister's friend marissa and my sis.

we went to the baseball game and saw britt, stephyy, and sarah!

Kerri and Lisa being sexy.

Courtney and Kristen=gorgeous

sexy ladies.

now some courtney cam whoring time.

me trying to be cool.

then we went to the mall.

kristen. yummy.

i only like bath and body works becuz i get to wash my hands there.

then we went to rave and tried on some pretty sweet outfits.

you know you like my army pants and wife beater.

courtney has a hott ass.

uh huh you like my shit.

sorry i just really liked that wife beater.

i got those pimp sunglasses for courtney!

arthur is the best.

katie & court with their ice creams :]

i'm as ugly as fuck.

hokay so i was a little tired.


she was doing her "tuck". lmao

this picture is fun.

then we had a barbecue and sleepover at katies house. we did fireworks and sparklers too! it was awesomely fun. kerri makes me smile!


briana came over too! (back of her head!)

i like katie's buns :]

and then the holbrook girls left :o(

steph came over the other day and we took some sick pics.

what a great picture to end with! (don't hurt your neck.)
so, yeah. had a fun weekend/week. monday=no school, and on tuesday my team went to six flags. it was so sick! i went on superman 3 times and there was like a girl fight on the bus ride back home. what a great day! great weather, great rides, great friends :].
i love comments. and i love you. and you love me.
k. pce out gangstas<3
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