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stamped//pictures from florida ahhh!!

Once Upon A Time...

So, here are the pictures from Florida.

Katie took this picture right before we boarded the plane for Florida.

This is a little scenery of our AWESOME hotel. We were in the football section, and yeah, it was sweet!

This was the HUGE helmet in the football section of All Star Sports. (The name of our hotel.)

This was the tennis section of our hotel, pretty far away from the football section.

There's a big football in our section!!

The Big Coke Cup I always wanted to jump in.

This was the football section too. It was so cool because this was like an actual football field and there is Katie and Cristina posing on the X's and O's. ha.

Nice view of one of the pools and the baseball section

That was probably one of the best pictures. It's like a postcard, for sure! That was the main pool! aww

Now to the good stuff...

Cristina, Katie, and Sarah in front of our hotel.

Katie's Mom, Katie, Cristina, Sarah, and Cristina's Mom in front of our hotel again. (big star in the background.)

Me in Minnie's backyard!

Katie, Cristina, Sarah, and Me in Minnie's Backyard!!

Us with Mickey. We look kinda high. haha scratch that, WICKED high.

Picture of Cristina and I, but it kinda got cut off. It's still a good picture, though.

That was a random picture I took of our hotel room.

Us on top of Walt Disney himself, and Mickey! haha well Cristina was like humping him but it was all good :]

We saw Beauty and the Beast!

That is probably the best picture I have ever seen. That is so magical! That is Cinderella's castle with fireworks. aw another postcard!

This was the castle when it was green. It kept on changing colors like a rainbow :o)

No, I'm not sick of the castle yet. Doesn't it look so beautiful here?

Cristina and her twin, Cinderellaa!

Cinderella and Katie! (We went to a Cinderella dinner).

Cinderella and Sar

Cinderellie and all of us !

A diff. Cinderella in the Parade!

Cristina's my cutie!

Me and Cristina: awww.

Stina with Pumba :o)

Roaarr. That's hot.

Cwistina? Why you sad? She's faking it, I know. How could you ever be sad in DISNEY WORLD?


Daffie Duck is hawwt.

Fan. 4 and Epcot=great mixture

Fantastic 4 and the Fairy Godmother!!

Frankie, Katie, Sar, and Upjohn. (those were 2 guys that we met.) Oh yes, can't forget the castle in the back!

Frankie, Stina, Sar, Dave, Kt, and Me. Saying goodbye to our hott Minnesota lacrosse players :-/

Pluto and us, on a rainy night in Epcot. Oh how hot our Mickey ponchos were!!

This wasn't planned! haha i thought it was hilarious.

Shadows are hotttt.

Katie and Sar are hot blondie babeys!

Katie IS the life of the partay!

That was the whole entire Minnesota Lacrosse team that we met. Omg, they were so hott. haha look at their sandals and their collared shirts! haha i love them!

You know you want those slushies with that super cool straw !

Mickey and Goofy and all of us<33

The mothers were just a little bit hyper, don't you think?

Awwwwwww. Mousey Wousey.

You know you wanna jump on that ;o) . joking you might break me and katie's backs!!

The mommas thought Prince Charming was cute. Eh...haha

Could they be any hotter? NOOPE.

This was when we went out to eat at this wicked expensive place. It was actually on a boat, but it was pretty good!

Funny Faces are cuuute.


Fan. 4 and Snow White aka me!

Beautiful Blondes.

Stitch. Omg we went on this Stitch ride and it was the gayest thing ever. But we still <33 Stitch!

That was a hot day. Sunglasses are the best<333

Upjohn and Sar were definitely the cutest couple!

Representin' Blue Devils in the background!! woohoo!

Animal Kingdom is the best! And so is that Tree of Life!

It's a small world after all :] :D

Minnie's House was so cute.

Sar and Me at Blizzard Beach on the last day in Sunny Florida.

This is a dark picture, but if you look closely, there is my dream car (inside of Hard Rock Cafe.)

The Hard Rock Cafe is definitely my fav. restaurant ever!!

Here's the story: I pretended it was my Sweet 16, so: I got to stand on top of the bar and everyone in the whole restaurant said Happy Birthday to me. They gave me this Huge Ice Cream Bowl (that I have in my hand). It was so cool!

That's me on the bar. Ignore my down-syndrome-like face.

Us and this weird Creature who was attacking me with his nose.

We saw Danny there. (He's from Holbrook.) Aw, I love him.

Katie makes my day.

Fan. 4 outside of Hard Rock Cafe.

We had to say good bye to our beautiful hotel. Sucha beautiful picture. Too bad I'm kinda off to the side.

My brother liked his presents that I got him.

I know that you like my burn/tan line and my bling bling.

Peace out Florida.

Yeah. We were not too excited to go back to GAY Massachusetts. So disappointing.

Fantastic 4 trip to Florida=greatest trip of our lives. period.

comments would be appreciated!

                                                        And we lived happily ever after...



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