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;attention please!;
this community is maintained and was created by me kissme_imdying.((previously i was pinklipglass)) it is CO-watched by arsenicandtea and _emeraldfire_. they reserve the right to tell you to edit/delete your entries, and even tell you to leave the community.please listen to them, or you will have to deal with me. and i am no where near as nice as them.

yes, this is a community that was started for full figured women.but,the doors are not closed to anyone who is not plus sized. everyone who has an appreciation and can except someone no matter what their size, then you are welcome to join. we want to open the eyes of people who are narrow and shallow. we also want to help build confidence in those who are lacking. we want you to feel beautiful, because you are, because weight is a number, and its best to keep it unlisted.

and yes, men are welcome too. as long as you aren't a rude asshole. cause then you will have to deal with lots of angry women, and you don't want that, now do you?

there are quite a few other communities to same effect of curves_, but i have come to notice that they all have these silly rules, and i personally think it is absolutely ridiculous to forbid us to post about the things we are faced with in everyday life, like our insecurities, or that our diet is just..not working out right. so thus, there are no real rules to speak of. but there are a few things that we ask:
1. do not insult,talk down to or try to pick fights with random members. basically, don't flame! if you disagree with someone, feel free to debate, but keep it cordial.
2. if you are going to post pictures, ( which we love and would like you to do!) please use the cut tag if there are going to be many pictures. if you feel confident enough to post nudity in your photos, again, please use the cut tag, and let us know that there is nudity, so we don't get all sweaty without a warning. lol ^_^
3. if you have a problem with a member, you can email me, kintec@hotmail.com , and i will do my best to resolve the problem, if i cannot, and if you and the member you are having problems with cannot let the issue go, i will ban you both from the community. and then poof, problem solved.

4. please do not ask for codes. if you want to promote your community, then please ask me first, and i will decide if i want it in the community.We like to keep the posts at least somewhere on the topic,even incommunity promotion. also, keep in mind that just because you ask, does not mean you'll get a yes.

thank you for joining! and enjoy!
if you have any further questions, contact me.
email: kintec@hotmail.com
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