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call me a cunt

Name: Kathy
Age: 17
Gender: grrrl
Location: Oklahoma
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Clothing Style: Everything.

:Preferances: (no more then 10)
Bands: Horrorpops, Tiger Army, Nekromantix, Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, Jack off Jill, Stray Cats, Subhumans, VNV Nation, KidneyThieves
Movies: Soylent Green, Chicago, Cabaret, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bubba Hotep, ummm I'm drawing a blank right now.
Books: Anything by Kurt Vonnegut. "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahnuik. The Harry Potter series.
TV Show: Wheel of Fortune, occasionally some CSI, ATHF, Family Guy, Futurama
Hobbies Or Interests: hanging out with friends, going to diner-type places (such as IHOP or Denny's), going to shows, making synthetic dreads, whatever random shit sparks my interest at the moment.
Food/Drink: TV dinners and the like. Dr. Pepper, water.

:Your Thoughts On:
Abortion: As long as it's not used as a form of birth control, then I believe the option should be there.
Gay Marriage: Love is love. I think you should marry whoever you want to.
Body Mutilation: In some ways I think it's silly; and by that I mean the kids who do it for attention. For those who have a valid reason to do it, whatever, it's your body.
Body Modifications: Are fun. I love 'em.
Suicide: Honestly, I think it's selfish.
Alchohol: Is fun. Drink responsibly. Wow, I sound like those commercials. haha. It's pretty fun when you're around the right people, just don't, ya know, get plastered and try to drive around.

:This Or That:
Cherries Or Strawberries: Cherries
Pussy Kitties Or Doggies: Kitties
Sex or Abstinence: Sex
Smoking or Drinking: Smoking
JOJ Or Scarling: JOJ... I haven't heard enough Scarling yet
Tits or Ass: Tits
Eyeliner or Eyeshadow: Eyeliner

:Photos: (Please include atleast 4 clear pictures of yourself but no more then 10)

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Patricia (from the Horrorpops) & I. She's my new hero.

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