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call me a cunt

Sexual Orientation:straight
Clothing Style:MixXed

:Preferances: (no more then 10)
Bands:Linkin Park,switchfooot,sugarcult,boxcar racer,blink182,limp bizkit,G-Unit,TatuFall out boy,All american rejects,Pap Roach
Movies:Girl Interrupted,Thirteen,White Chicks,Speak,28 days later,nightmare before christmas,alice in donwerland
Books:Go ask Alice,Rise and fall ouf a 10th grade social climber
TV Show:Beautiful people,laguna beach,simpsons,american dad,family guy
Hobbies Or Interests:dancing,swimming,reading,listening to music
Food/Drink:seafood,chinese/mountain dew livewire

:Your Thoughts On:
Abortion:wrong,it's not the baby's fault.You can always put it up for adoption or something.St least give it a chance.
Gay Marriage:I don't agree with it there's mad and woman as from the beginning of time,it should stay like that.I'm not against love but what is love.
Body Mutilation:Bad not worth it.Alot of my friends have gone through it and I've seen whats its done.Try to find another way to deal with it I think.
Body Modifications:Awesome as long as you don't go over board.I intend to get my share later on.
Suicide:Bad it's just selfish in a way and shows no regard for all the people you left behind and what they will have to deal with.
Alchohol:Fun,but you need to be responsible.Don't do it if you can't hack it.

:This Or That:
Cherries Or Strawberries:Strawberries
Pussy Kitties Or Doggies:pussy kitties
Sex or Abstinence:sex
Smoking or Drinking:drinking
JOJ Or Scarling:JOJO
Tits or Ass:ass
Eyeliner or Eyeshadow:eyeliner

:Photos: (Please include atleast 4 clear pictures of yourself but no more then 10)
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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