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Sexual Orientation:straight
Clothing Style:whatever i like and find. i like thrift stores and stuff though

:Preferances: (no more then 10)
Bands:jack off jill, rasputina, the dresden dolls, buck tick, kagrra, dir en grey
Movies:broken wings, belle epoque, the notebook, queen of the damned, interview with the vampire
Books:SVS series, the blue girl, harry potter
TV Show: the o.c, degrassi, lost
Hobbies Or Interests:computer, reading, collages, ebay
Food/Drink:mac and cheese, pockys, pina coladas

:Your Thoughts On:
Abortion: I think it should be the mother's choice but i still think that it isnt the baby's fault so it should be a very last resort and only if it would cause a danger to either the baby or the mother
Gay Marriage: Love is love they should be allowed to marry each other.
Body Mutilation: Sorry I don't really know what you mean by this.
Body Modifications: It all depends. If you want ot change to make yourself feel better go for it.
Suicide: I think that people who commit suicide or consider suicide is that it's partly their choice but they should also think at what it would do to someone else when they find out you killed yourself. And if you'd care.
Alchohol: It's alright as long as it's not an outlet or if it's abused.

:This Or That:
Cherries Or Strawberries: strawberries
Pussy Kitties Or Doggies: doggies
Sex or Abstinence: sex
Smoking or Drinking: drinking
JOJ Or Scarling: JOJ
Tits or Ass: tits
Eyeliner or Eyeshadow: eyeliner

:Photos: (Please include atleast 4 clear pictures of yourself but no more then 10)

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