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You know you envy us


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All Members , Moderated
-- Lyke, oh em gee, I so totally can't live without hot boyzz!! If you ever speak like that, you will be ignored and any post you make will immediately be deleted.
-- If you don't know how to use proper grammar and spelling, don't bother applying to this community.
-- The application found below is taken very seriously .. especially the opinions section. If you don't take it seriously, we won't take you seriously. Also, if you don't express yourself well enough in the opinions section (as in, you write short answers and don't elaborate) parab0lic will be very upset and most likely tear you to shreds verbally.
-- There is no use of derogatory terms in this community. If you don't know what a derogatory term is, go look it up.
-- This is a rating community, not uncommon with most of those out there. Although, we do not rate you mainly on your appearance. When you apply you will be rated on your views and opinions on certain things as well. If you can't present yourself in an intelligent way, don't bother. We highly value intelligence and common sense.

-- When you apply, please fill out the entire application. If you leave anything blank your application will be deleted.
-- Post in the subject line "One-person mini mosh" when you apply so we'll know you read the rules.
-- Please put your application behind an lj cut. If you don't know how to do this, go to the FAQ and figure it out yourself.
-- Do not use any bright colors or fancy fonts in your application. It makes it hard on the eyes, therefore no one will want to take the time or trouble to read it.
-- When you post your pictures, size them to a decent size. If they're too big the page will take too long to load and it's very annoying.
-- When you promote, save the banner to your computer and use your own server to host it. Bandwidth is a beautiful thing, and I don't want mine used up.
-- If you don't know what something means, or aren't very familiar with a certain subject, please look it up before saying anything about it. If you come off as ignorant, you'll most likely be made fun of.
-- You are not allowed to make any posts other than your application until you are stamped by a mod. You can reply to comments to your application, but that's all.
-- Please do not be rude to existing members. If you are, you will be rejected immediately.
-- Try to be original in your application. The more unique you are, the more likely you'll be accepted.
-- Be honest in your application. Lying won't get you anywhere here.
-- You must receive 3/4 of the community's vote (positive) to be accepted.

-- Once accepted, you can post about anything at all. Well, anything within the lines of decency. No nude pictures or graphic sex stories, that sort of thing.
-- Post often!
-- Be courteous to other members. If you don't agree with something someone says, deal with it in a civilized manner.
-- If you want to promote another community, do so behind a cut. Also, no more than one promotion per week per user.
-- Promote the community! How else will we become known throughout the world? (Hah)
-- Have fun!

.Your Mods.

Krys (parab0lic)

Jaser (jaser)


The Basics ...
[+] Name:
[+] Age:
[+] Location:
[+] Gender:
[+] Sexual preference:
[+] How you heard about us:

[+] Please post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself, but no more than 6. No nudity!!

Total Randomness ...
[+] List 5 of your favorite bands. (And why they're your favorites)
[+] List 5 of your favorite movies. (Same as above)
[+] 5 things you like most about yourself. (This includes both physical and personality aspects)
[+] 3 most important qualities in a person. (And why)
[+] 5 things you can't live without (or could, but wouldn't want to) and why.
[+] Who has most influenced you in your life, and in what way?

What are your views on ...
[+] Religion?
[+] Abortion? (This includes partial-birth abortion)
[+] George W. Bush/Republicans?
[+] Stem-cell research?
[+] Gay rights in general? (Including gay marriage)
[+] The death penalty?
[+] The fact that church and state are supposed to be separate, but aren't?

Just for fun ...
[+] Favorite song?
[+] Favorite ice cream flavor?
[+] Favorite book/author?
[+] Any nicknames?
[+] Story behind LJ username:
[+] Tell me something that will make me laugh (pretty please ..):

[+] Promote. Prove it.

[+] Post a picture that embodies you. (Don't know what "embody" means? Go look it up.)

.Promo Banner & Stamps.