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One Person Mini-Mosh


The Basics ...
[+] Name:
[+] Age:
[+] Location:
From Memphis, TN; Currently attending school at The

University of Tennessee at Knoxville (no @ signs, Jason)
[+] Gender:
[+] Sexual preference:
[+] How you heard about us:
From Jaser and Krispy

[+] Please post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself, but no more than 6. No nudity!!


Total Randomness ...
[+] List 5 of your favorite bands. (And why they're your favorites)
Evanescence – I first heard of this little rock band from a guy working in Hot Topic in
Memphis.  He played some on the stereo in the store, so I could hear it.  I instantly fell in love.  Dealing with an over-protective mother in denial and a physically abusive step-father (now soon to be “ex”), these beautiful lyrics and Amy’s haunting voice were exactly what a brooding teenager needed.  I have now turned into an Evanescence freak!  (Their new cd/dvd comes out today!)
-- Ace of Base
– I think I picked up this group from my childhood baby sitter, Kristy.  She was like another best friend.  We talked about everything.  This was one of her favorite bands.
-- Lacuna Coil
– Jaser actually just introduced me to this group a month ago or so.  He downloaded some of their music and I was hooked.  This group is somewhat similar to Evanescence in group composition, but with a lot of lead male vocals as well.  They’re Italian.  I have really grown to love this group even more since I “aquired” their 1999 cd.  (Thanks Jaser!)1
-- Yellowcard
– Lauren Valenski introduced me to this group midway through my Junior year of high school, well before they blew up the charts.  I especially like the use of the violin in the music of this band.
-- 3 Doors Down
– I really don’t know why I like this group.  I just do.  I probably picked them up from Jaser, I don’t know.


[+] List 5 of your favorite movies. (Same as above)
-- The Last Unicorn
– I love fantasy type movies.  I saw this as a child and it is still one of my favorites.
-- The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
– I know, it’s not one movie, but it is one continuing story.  I read these books as well as “The Hobbit” several years before the first movie came out.  When the movies came out, I was ecstatic.
-- Requiem for a Dream
– Jaser showed me this movie at the beginning of the semester.  It’s great!  Definitely not a movie to watch when you’re sad, though.  I don’t know why I find it so appealing.
-- The Butterfly Effect
This is another great movie with a very depressing ending.  The optional ending was almost just as depressing.  I love this movie, but it is full of depression.
[+] 5 things you like most about yourself. (This includes both physical and personality aspects)
-- My eyes
– They’re blue and I love them.
-- My Hair
– It’s blonde, and I love being blonde, too!
-- My Mind
– I think of myself as a pretty smart person and I value greatly my ability to think.
-- My Uniqueness
– I am a very unique person.  I tend to do things much differently than other people.
-- My Ability To “Communicate” With Animals
– I know it sounds retarded, but I feel like I can understand most animals emotions.  Not like that crazy pet psycic from Animal Planet, but more of just a sensation.  There are many times working at the vat that I can just “sense” (for lack of a better word) wether the animal is likely to bite, and often times it is contradictory to their demeanor.  9 times out of 10, I’m right.
[+] 3 most important qualities in a person. (And why)
-- Openness
– No relationship can be based on lies.  I would much rather someone tell me how they really feel than for them to sugar coat it.
-- Intelligence
– I want to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation with someone.  I don’t want to have to dumb things down for them to understand.  I want to be able to carry on a conversation on any topic.
-- Caring
– I think all people should be in touch with their emotions.  If you need to cry, cry.  Laugh, laugh.  If one bottles every thing up, they will explode sooner or later.
[+] 5 things you can't live without (or could, but wouldn't want to) and why.
-- My Computer
– I am constantly talking to other people online.  Being 400+ miles from home, it is the easiest and fastest way to communicate.
-- My friends
– They are my support group.  I probably would have killed myself years ago if it weren’t for them.
-- My Mom
– She drives me nuts but I love her.  Although, I just told her I pierced my ear and she said she doesn’t think our relationship will ever be the same.  I hope it goes back to normal.  I don’t want to lose her over something so insignificant, but I can’t let her walk all over me either.
-- My Dog, Lady, And My Cat, Snickers
– They love me no matter what.  I can be having the worst day in the world, and I come home and they just love me, and they are great stress relievers.  I see them and I forget all my problems, for a while anyway.
-- My Books
– I love to read and this is another great stress reliever.  And I like to let my imagination soar.
[+] Who has most influenced you in your life, and in what way?
Probably my mom.  She raised me as a single mother from the time I was 6 months old until I was 10.  She is a strong woman, although very conservative, and I got a great foundation in life from her.

What are your views on ...
[+] Religion?
Religion can be good and bad.  I’m Wiccan, but I  was raised Southern Baptist.  I personally don’t agree with most of their views.  I find them close minded and cold.  I have no problem with other people being Christian.  Just don’t try to convert me and we’ll be fine.
[+] Abortion? (This includes partial-birth abortion)
I was raised to believe that abortion was wrong. However, as I get older, I see that it really is the woman's right to chose. I will always be in favor of the option of having the child and giving it up for adoption, since there are so many people out there that can't have children. And I still see life as the moment of conception, but it is the woman's right to do as she wishes. I also believe that in cases of rape, incest, or in the case of an emergency threatening the mothers life, the mothers life should be considered the priority. Yes, it would be sad to lose a baby, but no one has ever met that baby and so many people probably know and love the mother.
[+] George W. Bush/Republicans?
I really don’t like Bush and I find that his policies (especially Iraq) to be, well, dumb.  I don’t hate him, I just don’t agree with him.  I also find Republicans to be largely like the Southern Baptist church.  Close minded and uncaring.
[+] Stem-cell research?
I don’t really see a problem with it.  Full human cloning, that might be going a little far playing Mother Nature, but if it is used to cure disease and create the organs for transplant that are in such high demand, how can that be wrong?
[+] Gay rights in general? (Including gay marriage)
Gays and lesbians are people and deserve every right that every other American has.  What happened to the separation of church and state?  I think people that are people, regardless of any “abnormality.”  Fuck the mainstream.  And even if you exclude separation of church and state, what about the freedom to pursue happiness?
[+] The death penalty?
I say make them rot away in jail.  Eye for an eye, yeah, yeah.  But what would be worse?  Sitting in prisin, being raped and beat up, and fearing for your life for the next 50 years or spending 5 years on death row?
[+] The fact that church and state are supposed to be separate, but aren't?
In all reality, I don’t think they ever have been totally separate.  And the current administration is taking us back a few hundred steps.

Just for fun ...
[+] Favorite song?
“Haunted” - Evanescence
[+] Favorite ice cream flavor?
Strawberry with real strawberries in it.
[+] Favorite book/author?
I really like Marjorie B. Kellogg and her “Dragon Quartet” series.  I also like Anne Rice and Anne McCaffrey
[+] Any nicknames?
Polar Bear (starting in daycare) ,  Chia from Diana, and Scooter from Mom.
[+] Story behind LJ username:
I got the nickname Polar Bear at Raleigh Presbatarian Daycare because  I had white hair and was “husky.”  Jaser is Panda Bear.
[+] Tell me something that will make me laugh (pretty please ..):

I just almost fell out our 5th floor window.  I heard something hit the ground and went to look.  I stepped on Jason's bed and leaned and the sheet slipped.  It scared the shit out of me.

[+] Promote. Prove it.


[+] Post a picture that embodies you. (Don't know what "embody" means? Go look it up.)


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