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Thanks to all the people who have joined so far! It is very much appreciated.

Anyway, I made an Eman music video to "One Good Reason" by Best Interest. To check it out go here:

*It contains SPOILERS*

Also, I've begun writing an Emjay Fan fic. It takes place a few months after "Back In Black," which means it, too, could will contain spoilers. Please let me know what you think.

Chapter One: The Return

*A phone rings at the Kerwin residence*


"Yes, Mrs. Kerwin? This is Ellie, is Ashley there? It's really important."

"Yes, I'll get her."

Ellie hears Ashley's mom calling her in the background.

"This is Ash."

"Ash! Did you hear?! Did you hear who's coming back to Degrassi?!"

"Uh, no?"

"Sean! He's coming back!"

"And that's good right?"

"See... I don't really know. I don't know what's going on with, with us right now."

"Well, looks like you're about to find out."

********************* The next day at school *********************

Emma is walking to her locker when she hears someone running down the hall, practically knocking people down.

"Excuse me, 'scuse me, ok, PLEASE GET OUT OF THE WAY!"

Emma began to become more curious as to who this "crazy" person was, and then she saw none other than Manny Santos rounding the corner.


"Uh, hi, Manny. What's going on?"

"Guess-guess who's coming back to Degrassi?!" She was out of breath.


"Your love!"

"What? Manny, Jay already goes to this school. Who are you talking about?" Then she knew. It was Sean. The one guy she had always loved, and knew she would never stop loving. Her heart beat quickened.

"Sean, Emma! Sean's coming back!"

"Okay Manny! Geeze, think you could say it any louder?!" By now she was the one raising her voice.

"Sorry Emma, I just, I just thought you'd be happy to hear."

"Well I'm not. I have Jay now. I can't be..."

"Emma, you don't love Jay. You love Sean. It's time you deal with it." And with that she walked off, leaving Emma confused, still at her locker.

Then, she mumbled under her breath, "She's right..."

"Who's right, babe?"

Just then Jay came strutting around the corner.

"Oh, hey, I was thinking to myself. It's nothing."

He kissed her but she didn't kiss back. She couldn't, she couldn't do this anymore. Everytime she looked at Jay all she saw was Sean.

"Em, what's wrong?" He seemed genuinely concerned, which was something new to Jay.

"Nothing. I'm fine. I'm fine." And she wondered off, holding onto her books. Jay just stood there, confused, watching her walk away.

"Eh, you know women. They're all crazy," he said to himself as he walked to his class.

After school let out, Emma walked home alone, clinging to her books. She was halfway to her house, when she started to cry, not really knowing why she was crying.

She wanted out. She wanted out of this thing with Jay before Sean found out, but she couldn't bring herself to break up with Jay. After Sean had moved back to Wasaga Beach, Jay was there for her, she had developed a heart for him, she cared about him. And now Sean was coming back. He was going to ruin everything. She'd been wearing this mask so well for months, she thought, and now Sean's going to take off my mask. Suddenly she became almost, angry at Sean for coming back. He had apologized that day in Wasaga, for hurting her, and then, not an hour later, broken her heart once again. She began to cry even harder, when she finally arrived at her doorstep, and slid to the ground, back against the door.

The next day would come all too soon for Emma Nelson.

**I may post chapter 2 tonight, it just depends on how much I get done. PLEASE leave thoughts and comments.

And remember to post and show your Eman appreciation! = )


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