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Alright guys, get to posting! If you have pics of them, fanfics, icons, vidoes, anything! Just post it! = )

Anyway, thanks to some buddies over at FF and the wonderful owner of http://degrassirealm.tripod.com/degrassi/ (go check it out, one of the best Degrassi sites out there), I have some awesome Eman news!

Sean returns in episode 418, "Love Will Tear Us Apart," and apparently realizes he still has some feelings for Emma and gets into a fight with Jay about it! It is also the episode where he officially breaks up with Ellie!

So basically, all signs point to a sort of Sean/Emma/Jay love triangle. Here's one of them:
The December 21 airing of the Christmas episode is a rerun of last season's Holiday episode.. we are particularly happy that it is on for Canadian viewers both because it is a holiday episode but mostly because the storyline will fit in very well when episodes 420, 421 and 422 run..." - The Exec

Last season's holiday episode was "Holiday," which was completely about the Manny/Craig/Ash love triangle. So, if it "fits in" as well as he says, the only triangle that would really make sense is Sean/Emma/Jay.

So, YAY! W00t for and Eman reunion!

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