r (sweetnesp) wrote in courtiers_,


I'm sure all of you are aware that this community is on Hiatus.

I appologize for not posting sooner and I have no real excuse, save artistic tempertantrum.

There aren't enough people to seriously hold topic discussions and the quality of responses aren't going to be as diverse as is needed to have a fully colorful and cultured debate about anything.

Thank you all for joining.

If you still want this community to thrive, please promote. Otherwise, I have no choice but to put this community on Hiatus indefinately until more members join.

Thank you again, fellow Courtiers.



  • Query

    So at what time does "friend with benefits" go into the area of a relationship?

  • Query

    Is it bad that I actually have scarring from exessive masturbation as a teenager????

  • Query

    So, outside of the law, is there any room for morality in sex? And, since since sex can be percieved as naked push-ups for two, why?

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