dillywig (dillywig) wrote in courtiers_,

Name (or net safe name):Brittany
Location:Wichita Falls, TX

How did you find this community: through a post by autumn_eyes

Why are you joining this community: mostly curiosity, perhaps to learn about others' thought patterns concerning sex...see what is 'the norm' and that sort of thing..

What is your sexual preference: heterosexual

Do you have any hobbies? If so, what are they: yes, I like reading, writing, photography, 'people watching,' and having thoughtful discussions.

Do you have a role model? If so, who: I can't think of anyone in specific.

Type out a few words to your favorite song or poem that describes you in some way: "When I see you, it's like I'm staring down the sun" - Third Eye Blind, "Blinded"

(Optional) Post a picture of yourself (no excessive photo manipulations please): I'm not good at this sort of thing, as you may have noticed. I have a photobucket account, username blue_eyed_suicide.

How much time are you willing to put into this community: as much as I can. I'm not online too terribly much these days.
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