I'm sure all of you are aware that this community is on Hiatus.

I appologize for not posting sooner and I have no real excuse, save artistic tempertantrum.

There aren't enough people to seriously hold topic discussions and the quality of responses aren't going to be as diverse as is needed to have a fully colorful and cultured debate about anything.

Thank you all for joining.

If you still want this community to thrive, please promote. Otherwise, I have no choice but to put this community on Hiatus indefinately until more members join.

Thank you again, fellow Courtiers.


drown for me

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Here's an idea.

Does anyone have any songs that they like that have to do with sex or intimacy? If so, reply to this post with the lyrics. But beware, I'll be wanting to discuss every part of the song and why it appeals to you so unless you feel like sharing don't reply.

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Hello Courtiers

I just wanted to say thank you for signing up here and tell you that I appologize for things taking a slow turn because I'm sort of in the process of getting a job and I can not devote as much time as I thought I would.

Thank you all very much for your participation thus far. And don't forget about this comm because it's not closed yet.

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Question for the group....

What would you prefer:

A) 1000 lovers who you could only sleep with once.
B) 100 lovers who you could only sleep with 10 times.
C) 10 lovers who you could only sleep with 100 times.
D) 1 lover who who could sleep with 1000 times.

Pick a letter and give your reason.

New post for new graphics

Hello fellow courtiers,
I would like to place a request for sex graphics. I bet half of you never thought you'd actually read such a thing, but here it is. As you all know, this community has a lot of artists and part of art or expression is visual stimulation. I have scowered the net searching for "respectful" pictures of intimate posing people but all I seem to find are outrageous glamourous porn or gay man porn. Or just sick porn. So. Although I have managed to find some pictures, they're painfully not up to Courtiers_ standerds and seriously lacking creativity. This community is meant to be outrageous but respectful, playful but sensually adult, I need to find graphics that reflect this frame of mind. And yes, I do realize that some of you aren't here for the graphics, or have a completely different view on what you expect from this community but all I have to say to that is there's no reason we can't have both views. I'd like this place to have spice and variety.

So, I figured I'd ask around and see if anyone has any good links or knows of any artists that have exceptional, creative, awesome art that I can use.

As you can see, the accepted banner is a little lacking and less versitile then I'd like. :/

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