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coolbeans_'s Journal

Parker Fans Anon
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Welcome to Cool Beans- a community for all those with Parker loff.

Who is Parker?


1.An area of land set aside for public use
2.A tract of land attached to a country house, especially when including extensive gardens, woods, pastures, or a game preserve
3.A stadium or an enclosed playing field
4.An uber-cool new character on the Canadian TV show Radio Free Roscoe. She plays bass guitar, loves performing and always speaks her mind.

Why Parker?

From the moment she burst onto the scene in Season 3 (literally- she basically appeared out of nowhere) of RFR we instantly knew that we'd like her. As a supporting character, (mainly introduced on the show for Lily' sake, but we all know that'll change...) Parker is way cooler than Audrey! In fact, some of us wish she'd get her own show. It's not hard to see why we like her; she's fun, talented, and speaks her mind. For a few of us, she's just what we'd be like if we had the guts to. And of course we can't forget her catchphrase...


1. You should be at least fond of Parker to join the community [/captainobvious]
2. Feel free to get off-topic- we do it all the time. Please don't make numerous posts ranting about George Bush or talking about Lindsay Lohan though- if people want to read that, they'll find a compatible community.
3. All promos must be relevant (ie: RFR community). No rating community promos.
4.This is a slash-friendly zone XD


Link back to us!

If you've joined, feel free to put this in your userinfo. Also, advertising us in other related communities would be appreciated =D