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Heres the deal. This communtiy hasnt had anything to say in a long time and something just came to me. Lets talk about all the cool aspects of Parker. I know, I know thats what this community is about but jut work with me. Parker is so extermely awesome, I think we should discuss her greatness. For instance going singing and dancing down the hall ways at school. I loved that. She just does what she wants and doesnt think about how cool she is going to be when its done.  She just goes with the flow.  Talk peoples, talk!
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thanks to me!

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Hay all!I love Parker,she's dead awesome!She's funny and rockin'!hehe lol!Anyway,I like RFR too,and my favorite couples are Travis and Bridget,Ray and Parker (I know,odd couple,but they would be good together),Robbie and Kim,and Lily and River(yah,i know,stuck up,but he would be good with lily)
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yo & hello!
hey i just joind this community cause me and my best friend r just like lily and parker. and well i'm like parker cause i am very random hyper and just plain crazy. but, i can be serious at times. lol