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confused_words_'s Journal

Help Needed.
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Anybody , Moderated

MODs; recuperate_ Jessica
_silent_tragedy Crystal

ABOUT; MMMYES. Another community. Originally, this was going to be the place you could go to if you needed ideas for user names, screen names, account names, etc... I think I will keep up with that theme, but add a bit more. It's very simple and this community is for anyone who is looking for improving something. Yes, that's right... you come here with idea, we help make those ideas better. Sound good? MMK. Join then, fools. :D

RULES; Bloody rules. We gotta have them. Not many at all actually. But They need to be followed. If not, you will be banned from the community. Don't ya just hate when MODs are mean about everything?! Not here.

1. You're posts are to be about anything you want to make better. A photo, a name, a layout, whatever. Got it? any questions, contact me here, or Crystal here.

I may or may not be able to help you, but I will try, and that is what the other members are for. WE WILL OFFER OUR COMMENTS TO HELP THE POSTER COME UP WITH IMPROVEMENTS.

2. Anything that is too large to fit into our text box, PLEASE PUT UNDER THE LIVEJOURNAL CUT. I'm not kidding. No one likes a filled friends page =\ hm... <*lj-cut text="TEXT HERE"*> figure it out.

3. This is definitly NOT any type of rating community. It is purely for helping others, only. Don't be mean. It's just not cool, yo. :D

PLEASE BE SURE TO FOLLOW THE RULES. I told you there wasn't many.