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Hiya, I'm new and in desperate need of help.

My friend made me this lovely Jack Sparrow-layout and everything was nice. Now I've been away from LJ for too long and all of a sudden my codes are a bit messy. You see, the entry text doesn't want to be in the right place and I have NO idea of how to make it right. If you take a wee look at my layout I think you'll understand what I mean. If anyone could take a look at the codes and tell me what to fix then I will give you my eternal gratitude. I really don't want to change this layout...

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hey i don't meant to be a pain, but i was wondering if you could help me with my layout, or tell me of someone who can help me.

i have a journal on greatestjournal and did the layout there. It works perfectly. But when i try and put the same layout on here, it turns out to be a cross between the new layout and the old one.

this is my old LJ layout:
this is the right GJ layout:
this is the messed up LJ version:

any idea on how i can get the LJ one to look exactly like the GJ one? Thanks so much in advance! x

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I'm not exactly HTML literate, neither am I CSS literate, but I do try my hardest to learn.

However, as you can tell probably from my latest layout, the html went over my head this time, and probably landed in some kid's backyard where they beat it with a stick.

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I don't know what I'm doing :(

Hey guys..I don't know anything about layouts bc my friend ebits made mien, but here are the problems:

1--only my entries work
2--my Friends entries are suuuuuuuper stretched out and take forever to load/attempt to read.
3--I have no Calendar.

I couldn't find anything in the FAQ section so I'd really appreciate it if someone could help at's making me nuts.


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i need the shift content down code merged with my orginal codes, ill email you all them, if you can do it for me ill love you forever and comment with your email so i can send you the codes
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Hey. yea im new here and i need help with my layout. the links that go on the top for friends and userinfo and stuff arent there. if anybody can help me fix that let me know please