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Community Promo

Promote your communities here!

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
You need to be a member.
You can promote your community once a day.
You can promote more than one community in a day (just don't promote each one more than once).
Try to explain what your community is about in your entry.
If you decide to show a sample, please use and lj cut.
It would be nice if you would watch the community, as well, however, it's not a requirement.
Have fun!

Note: I'm not going to be a dick like some other MODS of promoting sites. Promote your communities here as much as you like (except no more than once in the same day). I feel that it's rediculous to get mad at people for trying to promote their communities, because they just want more members. It's not like you're doing something harmful, so promote away.

Know of another good promotional communities? Or do you own one and would like it linked here? Post it as an entry, and I'll be sure to post it here. I know people are always looking for other places to promote their communities! Also, please make sure that these "promotional" communities are ok with a lot of promoting.

Promote this community to anyone that you know that promotes communities! As I've said before, I'm not going to be a dick about how many times you post or even about how many times you promote one community in particular. This community is for promoting other communities, which is why those words are in the interests and title. Promote as much and as often and as many communities as you'd like!

Interested in Rating communities?




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