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I love Star Wars, I really do.

But George Lucas is an evil man, and has all but burned the copies of the original films.....the films that everyone loved....and is now hawking his 'betterer' versions. Aside from the basic principles of good storytelling, a movie made in '77 with blatant CGI arbitrarily stuck in just don't look good.....but that's the DVD we are getting.

For everyone who shells out 70$ to buy the DVD box set, that's more encouragement to release even bettererer versions with crap from the fake trilogy (episodes I-III) mixed in with the good trilogy. Don't do it. Don't buy it, for the love of Jesus and all that is good and pure.

George Lucas 'fixing' Star Wars is just like someone adding things to paintings in the Louvre. Like sticking a kitten in with the Mona Lisa. It's just wrong.

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