October 8th, 2004

Debates Are Fun!

Bush admits that Saddam had no WMD's at long last, but it turns out that the war was never about WMD, but about the abuses of the oil-for-food program. And that's why we needed to go to war. I won't even bother explaining why, exactly, that is a horrifyingly stupid thing to say. If you have a brain, you can figure it out. If you don't, you can't read anyways.

The US millitary has found plans and information about US schools in Iraq.

Now, I saw this on TV and the story was 'how best to protect your children'. They left out the part that the guy who had the info was involved in planning schools in Iraq. And, yeah, he had no ties to terrorists. (Where were the schools? Why, Oregon, California, Georgia, Michigan, Florida, and New Jersey. Three of those are swing states, New Jersey is close, and California is solidly Democratic. Lovely coincidence, that is.)

What are the odds that this will come up in the debate tonight? Probably pretty good, as Bush's only hope is his outstanding record on homeland security. I mean come on, there haven't been any more terrorist attacks, have there? So obviously Bush is protecting us.

And the unemployment rate has managed to do nothing. Bush will say he is responsible for that because he's not causing any job loss. Kerry will say Bush has created no new jobs. And no one will really say anything worth hearing tonight.

I hear that Bush is going to come at Kerry tonight by talking about how his 20 year record in congress makes him unfit to be president. Now, I had no idea that 20 years in an elected position disqualified anyone from being president, but there you go.

Basically, the party zealots and news men are just waiting to see if Kerry or Bush makes a mistake. Nevermind their positions on issues, the man who smiles at the wrong time, smirks innapropriately, or has the wrong look will be crucified in the national media as not fit to be president.
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