July 6th, 2004

(no subject)

No more politics for now. In it's stead, let us discuss.....um.....music!

Myself, I have rather eclectic tastes. In fact, I pretty much like everything. Well, everything but a good portion of country music and a lot of rap music. Though old school rap is downright fun. Run DMC, of course, and some Black Star, why not? And Johnny Cash is enjoyable, but he's in that murky rock and roll territory, isn't he?

I'm sorry, but Toby Keith is not an intelligent man, and should be put to sleep.

I really like Frank Sinatra and music with one man singing and playing piano or guitar. Rufus Wainwright. John Mayer. Randy Newman. Elton John. John Lennon. It's all good. Though I also love music that is just loud. Not good, per se, but loud. Nine Inch Nails, Pantera, White Zombie, some Kittie on occassion, Against Me!, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys. That kind of thing. I probably have some kind of psychological disorder.

What are you into?