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[Jun 08 2011 | 09:01pm]

TITLE: Cold Case: Shuffle
FANDOM: Cold Case
WORDS: 2233
SUMMARY: Ten ficlets inspired by ten songs on my iPod. Scotty/Lilly and Scotty & Lilly gen.

NOTES: Choose a fandom, pairing or character. Put your iPod on shuffle, and write a ficlet or drabble inspired by that song. Only write until the song finishes - do not linger! (I admit I went back and fixed a few tense changes and spelling errors. At least, I hope I caught them all!) Stop when you've played ten songs and have ten ficlets.

It was loads of fun to try this for the Cold Case fandom. All of these are based on either Scotty or Lilly - most of the time both of them. I'm not comfortable enough with the other characters yet to write them in such tight restrictions. But this was loads of fun, and actually not as hard as it sounds!




Cold Case virtual season 8 - second episode up now! [Apr 17 2011 | 02:55pm]

Our second episode is now up!



The search for a retired CIA agent's killer heats up, literally, when the prime suspect is killed in an explosion. The bombing is quickly linked to a suspected terrorist the agent was following, but Lilly suspects there's more to the case than meets the eye. While forensics tech Louie finds himself forced to defuse a tense situation, the squad must find the man the victim was following and learn what he knows before the case witnesses are taken out one by one.
Meanwhile, for the first time in her life, Lilly must choose between her work and her family, until Agent Cavanaugh proposes a solution.

The music of REM plays througout.

Lee Tergesen ("Oz") guest stars as the victim. Gail O'Grady ("NYPD Blue", "American Dreams") guest stars as his wife. Monica Keena ("Dawson's Creek") and Clancy Brown ("Lost", "Highlander") guest star as his co-workers. Bruce Davidson ("X-Men") and Shaun Toub ("Iron Man") guest star as his boss and neighbor. Part 2 of 2.


[Apr 15 2011 | 01:39am]

Um, yeah, I sucked at keeping the links updated. But I finally finished my fic, so here is an updated list to all the chapters. (The last chapter I posted here was chapter 11.)

Title: Streets of Philadelphia
Rating: T, for language

Lilly is pushed beyond the brink of exhaustion and it leads to devastating consequences. Set during "The Road" with references to "Stalker" and "The Woods". Definite spoilers for those episodes.

Previous chapters:
Chapter 1: Drive
Chapter 2: Talk
Chapter 3: Fall
Chapter 4: Broken
Chapter 5: Monsters
Chapter 6: Nightmares
Chapter 7: Lavender
Chapter 8: Lock
Chapter 9: Key
Chapter 10: Red
Chapter 11: Rush
Chapter 12: Together
Chapter 13: Solutions
Chapter 13: New


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