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*·..·¨*·..·¨*Club Paris*·..·¨*·..·¨*

*·..·¨Founded By: Paris Hilton·..·¨*

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

1.NO Requesting!
2.No Voting Until Your a member. Also when you are voting. Be nice. Dont be rude..You wouldnt like it if somebody was mean/rude towards you!
3.NO Promoting Other Community's Unless Gave Permission to! If you still wish to do so your Promo will be deleted imediately and you will be warned. 2nd Time you do so you will be banned.
4. You MUST stay active! If I or any of the other MODS feel that you are not staying active you will be notified. If Continues you will be banned.
5.No Stealing! If you take something from this community let them know, and credit!!
6.EVERYONE must do an Application!
7.RESPECT the MODS/Co-MODS..Dont Argue with us. We have alot more power than you!
8.Also Applications Must be under LJ cut.In the LJ Cut title please put "Eat The Rich". If its not then it will be deleted and you have 24 hours to reaply. If you dont not know how to do this ask somebody!
9. Now Have Fun And Enjoy!!

Copy & Paste This App. In The Subject Please Put "NEW"
All About You!
If Taken tell us about your other one, if your single tell us why you broke up and about that other one!(If you have a picture please Provide):
Tell Us where your from and what its like there:
What Do You Do in your spare Time:
Favorite Places To Shop:
Favorite Bands:
In 3 Words, How would you describe yourself:
What is one thing you regret the most:

Random Questions:

Have You ever been to Orlando, Florida?
Have you ever been to Florida?
Why do you want to be in this Community?
Whats one thing you like the most about Paris Hilton?
Promote This Community In ATLEAST 2 Places. If you only do one thats fine!
Whats your opinion on this community?
Do you have any suggestions? Ideas?

Now Post 3+ Pictures.

MOD: Lilsammy07
EMAIL: Bootylicous007@msn.com

CO-MOD: Vodka_Vengence

CO-MOD: Csi_Crazy


CO-MOD: Antigrl67