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All About You!
Name: Andrea Nicole
Status: Taken by the best boyfriend ever Jason <3
If Taken tell us about your other one, if your single tell us why you broke up and about that other one!(If you have a picture please Provide): My boyfriend is the most stylish straight male I know!! He wears only designer clothes, you'd actually probably think he was gay if you met him! :)
Tell Us where your from and what its like there: Tampa, FL- pretty cool place to be. It's up and coming.
What Do You Do in your spare Time: I love to shop, dance, spend time with Jason, and tan!
Peircings,Tatoos,etc: 3 tattoos- an ohm, "Angel", and Chinese symbol for strength
Favorite Places To Shop: Neimun Marcus, Nordstroms, bebes, Macys, Forever 21
Favorite Bands: Sublime, Jack Johnson, Bob Marley
In 3 Words, How would you describe yourself: stylish, shy, & bitchy
What is one thing you regret the most: my third tattoo

Random Questions:

Have You ever been to Orlando, Florida? yes I lived there when I went to UCF
Have you ever been to Florida? I live there!!
Why do you want to be in this Community? I love Paris <3
Whats one thing you like the most about Paris Hilton? Her personality
Promote This Community In ATLEAST 2 Places. If you only do one thats fine!
Whats your opinion on this community? It could be a little more active
Do you have any suggestions? Ideas?

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