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Im sorry for the slowness of this community but ive been working as hard as i can on it. I've been reading and trying to learn all about LJ and LJ Codes where i can make this community one of the best Paris Community's. Because i think that is needed. I have Tons and Tons of pictures to use but i dont do graphix and i need someone who knows what they're doing that is willing to help me out. Same with the LJ Codes.Im now looking for new MOD's because the ones i had chosen before apparently didnt want to do it. So if anybody is SERIOUS and really knows what they're doing then comment on this post and let me know. ANd hopefully we can get this Community up and running. I've had people that wanna take over. But im sorry im not just going to give this comm. away.Im still gonna try and if it dont work out then i will definately consider it. Sorry about the wait and inconveinece (sp? sorry cant spell today)Thanks....


ALSO WE NEED MORE MEMBERS!!! And all the people that have put in an App. will be stamped today! So Promote!

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    Anyone have the full version of this picture??? Thank you!!

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