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All About You!
Name: Johnna Lynn. My friends usually call me Jo.
Age: 16.
Status: Taken/In Love. :)
If Taken tell us about your other one, if your single tell us why you broke up and about that other one!: Well.. I have a girlfriend named Katie. She's completely perfect to me. We barely ever fight. She's my first girlfriend ever, and she's really cute and sweet and all that.
Tell Us where your from and what its like there: I live in San Jose, California. There's lots of "gang members" haha, and despite what people may think, it isn't always warm. Living so close to San Fransisco is great, because hi, SF is awesome.
What Do You Do in your spare Time: I write lots of poetry, go see movies with my friends (the last movie I saw was White Noise..) and I spend lots of time sleeping. I shop as often as I can.
Peircings,Tatoos,etc: I've only got my ears pierced twice and no tatooes.
Favorite Places To Shop: Well.. Papaya is where I get lots of my clothing, I like Hollister although I barely ever have enough money, and cheap stores like Goodwill and Ross.
Favorite Bands: I'll just give you my top 5. Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights, the Used, Taking Back Sunday, and Sugarcult.
In 3 Words, How would you describe yourself: Pretty fucking awesome.
What is one thing you regret the most: Well.. usually I don't regret things but this is a biggie. In 2003 (when Paris Hilton was dating the lead singer of Sum 41) I was at Warped Tour. My uncle Jimmy is in a band, so I was backstage. I went up to the Sum 41 guy (Deryck) for his autograph. When I walked away I realized that Paris Hilton was standing next to him the whole time. It was time to go home then, so I never went back to meet Paris Hilton..

Random Questions:

Have You ever been to Orlando, Florida? No, but I'd like to, since I hear that's where Aaron Carter lives.
Have you ever been to Florida? Nope.
Why do you want to be in this Community? Because ever since I knew enough to recognize celebrities, I've always loved Paris. She's pretty and I would kill to meet her. I'm a huge fan.
Whats one thing you like the most about Paris Hilton? The fact that she can wear pleated orange mini skirts and still be like.. so hot.
Promote This Community In ATLEAST 2 Places. If you only do one thats fine! I'll promote you in my journal. Promise. Right here.
Whats your opinion on this community? Uh.. no comment.
Do you have any suggestions? Ideas? Make the user info pink.

Picture Time

I'm a very big cam whore normally, but photobucket is being stupid so that's all for now. <3333


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    Anyone have the full version of this picture??? Thank you!!

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