June 2nd, 2006



All About You!
Name: megan
Age: 13 q:
Status: taken, i guess.
If Taken tell us about your other one, if your single tell us why you broke up and about that other one!(If you have a picture please Provide): my girlfriend/slave is actually a gay boy! he's completely amazing and fabulous and makes me soooo bloody happy. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
and he's completely hawt.
Tell Us where your from and what its like there:
What Do You Do in your spare Time: i live in mississippi right now, but i've moved around a lot. i love it down here becos' there's LOTS of shopping to do and a ton of asians <3. i have no life, so spare time is all i have! i draw, get online, download, listen to musique,a nd chat with people. every now and then i'll read a book or magazine or watch tv.
Peircings,Tatoos,etc: just my ears. :(
Favorite Places To Shop: if there's a mall, i like it.
Favorite Bands: bright eyes, the killers, elliott smith, the velvet underground, nirvana, sonic youth, desaparecidos, franz ferdinand, muse, the libertines, metric, the doors, tatu, depeche mode, the faint, the kaiser chiefs, babyshambles, idiot pilot, gwen stefani, the used, commander venus, bauhaus, siouxsie and the banshees, joy division, her space holiday, and she wants revenge
In 3 Words, How would you describe yourself: wacky, psychotic, obsessive
What is one thing you regret the most: i used to hate the paris D:

Random Questions:

Have You ever been to Orlando, Florida? no
Have you ever been to Florida? yes
Why do you want to be in this Community? i love paris!
Whats one thing you like the most about Paris Hilton? she's amazing and always in the spotlight; no one can bring her down.
Promote This Community In ATLEAST 2 Places. If you only do one thats fine!
Whats your opinion on this community? i rather likes it, thus far.
Do you have any suggestions? Ideas? uhm...lots of paris icons would be nice.

Now Post 3+ Pictures.
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x, euro
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