January 4th, 2005


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Attention Everyone: THIS COMMUNITY IS CLOSED!!!

Please NOBODY join right now! i will let everyone know when this community is open. Im hoping to have it opened by Jan. 20th. The rules and app are not official!! im still finding co-mods. once i find them and we get the layouts and everything done then i will begin to start adding to ones who commented during the time period of *Jan 3rd- Jan19th* on the AD's that i posted.After all that is done then people may start to do applications and start voting. Also the contest and themes will begin. If you have and questions let me know!


MOD Update!

Due to the amount of people that would like to be a Co-MOD. Im having trouble deciding who i want. Im mainly looking for people who KNOW what they're doing. People who are LJ Literate. And people that are serious about it and have the time to help. as of right now ive got these members wanting to be a MOD. 







I will be looking for MODs for the rest of the day. If nobody else wants to be MOD then 4 of these people will be chosen to be my Co-Mods. In the mean time im going to go ahead and start adding people. I think we may have the community up and running before Jan. 20th. But im not sure. I will post to let you know. But the Autoaccept contest will still be going on until Jan. 19th. if you have any questions you can reach me at Bootylicous007@msn.com or Big_Sam_Hoe420@yahoo.com . kThnx!




As of today at 8:00pm. I've decided on 4 users that were interested in being a Co-Mod for Club_Paris_.

The following people got the positions......





Theres an Open Spot!!!


Also..the community is not "Open". Yes i have invited everybody that commented to come join and you can still join...but im asking for nobody to start posting unitl the community is "OPEN". Co-Mods...if you all could please give me your email addresses that would be great. because we all need to discuss the graphix and stuff for this community! kThnx!


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