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click click. bang bang. woah.

bite the bullet & rate it too.

Bullet biters.
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1. You must fill out an application within 48 hours of joining.
2. DO NOT type like this ---> I aM tYpInG lIkE tHiS bEcAuSe I wIsH i WaS cOoL. <---auto-reject.
3. This community is 70% looks & 30% personality. If you don't get accepted, it's probably because your application sucked. There's nothing I can do about that.
4. Don't expect me to update this everyday. I have a life of my own & I plan to keep it that way.
5. If you don't agree with any of my rules, make your own damn community.
6. Don't mess with the mods & don't start drama with the members.
7. If you apply, please be 14+ years of age.
8. DON'T edit your application unless told "Sway Me".
9. So I know you read these rules do the following: put "give&take" as the application subject & then for word association put "mod" under the word "gia".
10. Three chances with three different applications. That's it.
11. [although I allow profane words] No nudity. I don't need that kind of crap.
12. The mod[s] overrule everyone. If I say someone is in & everyone else hates them... tough they're in.
13. You MUST fill out the FULL APPLICATION or face the reject button.
Failure to follow the rules will result in a perm ban.

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When you join copy & paste the application seen in the box below to an entry & fill it out. It better be damn good too or you can kiss your membership goodbye. -said & done.

After filling out the application, post it... DUH.
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1. When voting, please put "Yes" "No" or "Sway me" in the subject & reasons in body.
3. Unless you are a sister community, DO NOT advertise other communities.
4. Don't start drama with me. In the words of BEP: "No no drama, you don't want no drama..."
5. When themes & scavenger hunts start up, participate for bullets [our point system].
6. All picture entries/long text entries must be in an lj-cut.

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No new hunts.
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Bullets are our form of points. The purpose is to weed out the innactive people.
Bullet count.
The rules on bullets are:

1. Starting January 1st, 2006 you must have 50 bullets at the end of each month.
2. You will get bullets for things like: promoting, picture posts, participating in themes & scavenger hunts as well as random points given out by me for things I think deserve it.
3. If you are going on hiatus & cannot make the point cut off, please let me know. WARNING: This cannot be frequent.
4. Bullet values are as follows:
+ 5 bullets ---> 3 promotions [with links in one entry]
+ 5 Bullets ---> Picture posts [Reminder: In an LJ CUT!]
+ 10 bullets ---> 5 promotions [with links in one entry]
+ 10 bullets ---> Participate in a theme.
+ 10 bullets ---> Participate in a scavenger hunt.
+ 15 bullets ---> Have a friend join [They MUST tell us in their application]
5. If you do not get the 50 bullets by the end of the month, you get one warning. If it happens again you will be banned from the community due to lack of participation.
6. The person with the most bullets will be the member of the month.

The first member of the month [for February] will be declared February 1st, 2006.
1. You must have the most points at the end of the month to be the Member of the Month.
2. You willl recieve 2 auto accepts/rejects to use whenever you want when voting.
3. You will also recieve a bonus 20 points to start you off for the next month.
4. View past members of the month HERE.

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mods&members. banners.member|of|the|month
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If you wanna play big sister, just ask.